Opening Weekend

We woke up Saturday morning to bright, sunny skies and a forecasted high of 60 degrees.  Since we didn't have much else going on, we decided it was a great day for the K.  With a 1:10 first pitch, we headed to Kauffman around 11:30 and had about an hour to spare before game time.  So naturally, we tailgated.  Just the three of us.  Brantley loved playing catch with Daddy, while Mommy tried to enjoy her non-alcoholic beer.

I will admit, the three-hour game with a toddler was difficult at times.  I came fully equipped with a plethora of snacks, books, and toy cars, but I'm pretty sure we still annoyed a few people around us. :)  We chose seats near the Outfield Experience, which offers a multitude of children's activities, but as it turns out, the playground isn't the most toddler-friendly and I was too much of a nervous Nelly to let Brantley play.  Instead, we alternated between our seats and walking the concourse, while Daddy enjoyed most of the game.

We could tell Brantley was getting tired towards the end of the game, and after a fighting it for awhile, he finally fell asleep in Daddy's arms.  Major relief on the parent's behalf. :) 

And proof that some things never change...

The Royals got the W and we left as happy fans.  It was a fun ballpark outing - our last as a family of 3.  So crazy to think next time we're there, we'll each have a boy in our arms!


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