Due Date

Today was my official due date, and I'm happy to have Baby Holden in my arms!  Like I did with Brantley, I wanted to pose for one final "baby bump" photo this time around!  I will always be amazed that these babies fit inside me!

Between the lack of sleep and my post-prego hormones, there have been a few stressful moments.  But I'm also so glad to have this baby on the outside!  It's amazing what changes the second the baby comes out.  Easier to breath, no more acid reflux, bladder control, and feeling like I have my body back to myself.  I'm also loving the ability to sleep on my stomach once again!  Well, what sleep I get anyway!  Loving this little guy and all that newborn life entails!

Stay tuned for more baby-related posts!


  1. Yay, congrats!!!!! Xo


  2. Whatttttttttttttttt. You did NOT just pop that baby out and already look like that!!!