Bumpdate: Week 39

So technically, I'm one day shy of 39 weeks.  But, I wanted to write and get all my thoughts down in case I go into labor overnight!

At my appointment today, I was 3-4 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  My doctor seemed quite surprised and I think Craig and I truly realized how soon Baby could come when she said, "Whoa--you've been having a lot of contractions?"  Tightening in my stomach, yes, but nothing noteworthy or painful by any means.  She also stripped my membranes.  Now, I had the same thing done at 38.5 weeks with Brantley.  A week later, I was still pregnant and therefore, induced.  So, I know having one's membranes stripped isn't a sure way to go into labor, but for some reason, I feel like this time is different!  Speaking of, I'm super nervous that I'm already 4cm dilated and worried that I could get to the hospital too late for the epidural.  I know it's probably unlikely, but I'm seriously the biggest wimp and have zero desire to attempt this without drugs!  I'm also nervous about knowing when to go to the hospital.  I know the 5-1-1 rule, but because I was induced the first time, we didn't have to spend hours at home contemplating.  I almost feel like this is foreign territory to me! 

I went to grab a few groceries after leaving my doctor's appointment this afternoon, and I was so nervous, I couldn't focus.  I felt like I had a million thoughts running through my head and walked up and down each aisle a minimum of two times!  And of course, I had to leave school in a hurry today to get to my doctor's appointment.  So even though, over the past week or so, I've been obsessively making sure every single thing is done and sub-ready, today it is not.  I have make-up tests to grade, a few copies to make, and a check for lunch money to drop off to the lunch lady.

Nonetheless, I'm ready if and when Baby is!  If I were to go into labor overnight, I would be excited and thrilled!  Since having my membranes stripped around 5pm, my stomach has been tightening quite frequently!  Still nothing painful, but I think I'm mentally prepared to wake up overnight to the start of labor!

How Far Along: 39 weeks (minus 1 day)

Size of Baby: ~20 inches, ~7+ pounds; the size of a mini-watermelon (No joke about that!  I definitely feel like there's a watermelon in there!)

Gender: BOY

Weight Gain: Under 35 pounds

Food Cravings: Nothing specific

Food Aversions: None

Movement: As much as he can!

Sleep: Average.

Clothing: Same.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: The acid reflux is still here, but has subsided a little.  I haven't woken up overnight with it nearly as much.  Some swelling, sore feet, occasional restless and/or achy legs.

What I Miss: Feeling normal.

Best Moment: Learning my body is cooperating and doing exactly what it should!

Looking Forward To: Go-time!

I will update with a bump picture tomorrow, assuming I officially make it to 39 weeks. :)


Update: Well I officially made it to 39 weeks.  I was shocked to wake up to my alarm this morning and not to contractions overnight!  Every part of me was thinking I'd go into labor overnight.  Since I didn't, I can't help but think it will still be a few days (or more).  Ugh!  I hate this waiting game!  It was probably for the best though since I left so much unfinished business at school yesterday.  But today, however, I got everything done.  Which means, I would feel a-okay about not returning tomorrow. :)  There is a full moon tonight.  I've always heard that more women have babies during full moons so I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Here's my 39-week bump!


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  1. You are so close! I'm sure it must be a relief to have sub-plans and everything done at school for when the baby does come. I was always a little bit worried about going into labor in the middle of a lesson, thankfully that didn't happen and thankfully I had my plans all written out just in case the baby decided to come early. And he did! Hopefully you'll go into labor while you're at home and everything goes smoothly. How exciting for you!