Update After Level 2 Ultrasound

We had our Level 2 ultrasound this morning where both the sonogram technician and doctor confirmed the higher-than-average fluid levels.  Today, the same part of the brain (the right lateral ventricle to be exact...I think I said left yesterday) measured just above 10mm.  One scenario (positive outcome) is that the baby's head will continue to grow around the extra fluid and the fluid level will become "normal".  The other scenario (negative outcome) is that the fluid will also continue to increase.

We're honestly not sure what an increased fluid level means other than Dr. Cooper (our regular ob) suggested it could mean brain developmental issues.  The term the doctor used today was hydrocephalus.  Our own research (via the Internet) says hydrocephalus can sometimes be linked to spina bifida, while other sites suggest that babies often live a very normal life after being diagnosed with this, but require surgery soon after birth to insert a shunt and drain the excess fluid.  On the plus side, the specialist today said she didn't see any other abnormalities or concerns (as they sometimes do with this type of situation), which leads her to think it's NOT a major genetic issue.  This was very promising news.

We have been referred to Children's Mercy for an MRI and consultation to plan for "what could become of this situation."  We have to wait for them to call us to schedule an appointment, but hope to schedule one within a week or so.  We also have another Level 2 ultrasound in four weeks to check fluid levels again.

The doctor did say there is nothing either of us did, or didn't do, to cause this.  It was just a pre-programmed thing in the baby's genes.  She also said there's nothing we/I can do differently to help correct it.

There have been many tears today from each of us.  I am so very thankful for all the emails, texts, prayers, and well-wishes.  We are lucky to have the friends, family, and co-workers we do. 

It's very easy to ask "Why us?" and "Why our baby?"  Believe me, those thoughts have been running through my head nonstop, all day.  But at the same time, we have to remember that God wouldn't present us with a situation we can't handle.  We are strong people and will get through this.  I've always believed that everything happens for a reason and feel no differently about this.

Please, please, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.   It seems Baby needs all he can get. We're very hopeful that things will turn out just fine, and at this point, trying to stay as positive as possible.  Please check back soon for updates.


  1. Thinking and praying for you guys, Sarah! I'm sure the unknown is so hard to manage right now, but you are so right - God will be your strength! No matter the outcome of further tests, your little boy will be perfect and loved!!! Hang in there! Sending love and hugs!


  2. Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear this and Baby Sides will be in my prayers. Putting your trust, faith and strength in Christ will get you thru this! Lots of prayers for a healthy baby boy. XOXO! ~Erin