Oh So Excited

Why?  Because Baby Boy's bedding was shipped on Friday and is supposed to arrive tomorrow!  T minus 24 hours and counting!  I can hardly contain myself I'm so excited!  The seller (Kelly at Sweet Dreams Custom Baby Bedding) said it turned out great and I can't wait to see for myself!

In addition...I also ordered the last little detail for the nursery wall.  Above his crib.  These cute, wire curtain rods from IKEA...only I had to order them from someone on Amazon because stupid IKEA doesn't sell things online.  And I'm planning to clip photos and such to them, instead of using them for what they are made (curtains).

Found the idea here
I really wish our chair would arrive soon.  But it's only been six weeks and they said 8 to 12.  One can always hope it will arrive early!

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