Call Me Crazy

So, I'm doing homework on this Easter Sunday.  Or should I say, blogging to avoid doing homework?  Ha!  We wish we could spend the holiday with family in Iowa or Wichita, but unfortunately, my masters class calls and I have homework due tonight at midnight like every other Sunday.  I probably could have completed it during the week, but with tutoring, a staff bridal shower I helped host, the national championship game, and 40+ hours of work, I just wasn't motivated to do so.  And stress to finish assignments early was the last thing I wanted.  So, here I sit, in between assignments, blogging to wish everyone a happy Easter!

Speaking of classes, I signed up for my second and third-to-last classes last week!  I'm taking one during Summer Session I (mid May through June) and another during Summer Session II (mid July through August).  In fact, summer II begins on July in the day our baby is due!!  Am I crazy to start a class the same day?  Yep, probably.  But it's an online elective class taught by a teacher I've had before...twice....and both times she was WAY easy.  I hate to pass up a class I need, when I know it will be an easy A.

And I just really want to finish my MAEd program as soon as possible.  If that means completing homework with a one-day-old baby in my arms, it's what I'll do!

After August, I will have ONE class to go, in which I hope to finish while on maternity leave.  I'm SO ready to be done!!  I think I mentioned before, my classes aren't difficult by any means.  I just hate the thought of homework hanging over my head each week.  Ugh.

However, the light at the end of the tunnel is near.  I'll be so happy to finish so I can focus on other things in life, like family, and so we can spend future holidays, like Easter, with those loved ones far away!

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