Showered with Love #1

Last Thursday was my very first baby shower!  It was a Mill Valley staff shower thrown by some of the best department members a girl could ask for! :)  I seriously love my math co-workers and consider myself very lucky to get to work with my friends on a daily basis!

Anyway, the shower was a lot of fun and Baby Sides got some cool stuff.  My favorite gift of all was the video monitor (from none other than the math ladies)!!!  I figured that was one item we'd have to purchase ourselves because of the hefty price tag...and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it!  Craig is excited about it, too (seeing it's the one and only thing he cared about)!  It provided us quite the entertainment earlier this morning when we set it up and used it to spy on our dog. 

I think my favorite part about the shower (well, besides the food, cake, and punch) were the "Wishes for Baby" cards each guest filled out.  The card included prompts like "I hope you learn...", "I hope you love...", "I hope you become", etc.   Each guest filled one out and they were placed in a scrapbook for Baby.  I had so much fun reading the cards when I got home!  Most were very sentimental, but there were a few funny answers, as well.  Here are my favorites:

"I hope you learn calculus"...and "I hope you love the Jayhawks" (Daddy agrees)

"I hope you become a Hawkeye (for your mom)" - heck yeah!!!

"I hope you become a Royals fan like your parents"...clearly we are sports fans!

"I hope you learn lots of math"

"I hope you respect your teachers"

"I hope you learn the Pythagorean Theorem"--Can you tell there were a bunch of math geeks there? :)

Thank you so very much to all my co-workers for showering Baby Sides with love!  He is one lucky little man!

Here are some photos from the shower and some I took of the gifts when I got home.

Adorable cakes!

Punch with rubber duckies

Me and all the wonderful hostesses

I bet you never had math teachers that looked like this!

Who said baby boy clothes aren't cute??  These are adorable!

Love the outfits with things on the butts!

Baby's first stuffed animal!  Brown bear to go with the book!

One of my co-workers' signature baby gift...a decoupaged bucket full of baby supplies

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