26 Weeks: Growing Like Crazy!

I feel like I've doubled in size over the last week.  I know that's a bit of an exaggeration, but the bump is growing rather quickly!  Unfortunately, other body parts (boobs, butt, thighs) are growing, too.  Every now and then I have minor freak-outs about going "back to normal" after the baby is here.  But no worries--that, in no way, stops me from eating whenever and whatever I want!

Because the bump is expanding so much, I finally removed my belly button ring.  (I think age 29 meant it was time...it had a good, 10-year run!)  Craig's been telling me to get rid of it for weeks now, but I was (for some reason) resistant.  I think mainly because the thought of a hole in my belly button freaked me out!  And for good reason...now that it's out, it's very creepy looking!

I'm also started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter (as recommended by my friend Rachel), twice a day, religiously, in an attempt to avoid stretch marks.  I'll let you know in about fourteen weeks if it works...

How Far Along: 26 Weeks

Size of Baby: A head of lettuce (~14 inches and 1.5 to 2.5 pounds)

Side note: I don't understand these food comparisons...I feel like a head of lettuce is smaller than 14 inches??  Not to mention, week 20's comparison was a cantaloupe.  Most cantaloupe I buy are larger than a head of lettuce.  No?

What's Happening (according to thebump.com):
Baby Sides' eyes are forming and will soon begin to open.  He's taking breaths to prepare for life on the outside, though his breaths consist of amniotic fluid while still in the womb.  He's also soaking up my antibodies as his immune system prepares for a healthy life.

Cravings: None...

Movement: Still moving like crazy, quite often!  Sometimes you can see the stomach flutter from the outside, which is really weird!!

Sleep: About the same.  I'm adjusting more and more to sleeping on my left side, thanks to my Snoogle, and it's becoming my "normal".  By the way, I think Kinnick likes my Snoogle more than I do!  He loves to curl up in it!

Clothing: Still fit into a few pairs of pre-pregnancy shorts and pants...but I'm outgrowing them very quickly!  I doubt they'll fit much longer.  As long as the weather stays nice (please, please, please), I'm comfortable and happy wearing skirts and dresses!  Still no purchase of maternity pants!  I am very thankful for my friend Jamie who is letting me borrow some maternity dresses, tank tops, and a pair of capri pants (hello full maternity panel)!

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Still experiencing those Braxton Hicks contractions, quite frequently now.  Luckily, they don't hurt at all.  They just make my stomach get really tight feeling and hard to touch from the outside.  Still have the tingly, sore hands, too!

What I Miss: Sushi.  Though we don't eat it but maybe a few times per year, it's been 6+ months and I'm ready for it!  A sushi celebration dinner might be in order once Baby is born...is that okay to eat while breast feeding??

Notice how tight my shorts are on my thighs??  They didn't used to be that way...


  1. I would ask your doctor about the sushi while breastfeeding. I know some things are okay to eat while breastfeeding but not while pregnant. Not sure about raw fish though...

  2. I wrote the Unknown comment above. Hadn't changed my display name yet :)

  3. So so so cut! Getting very excited for you to experience motherhood. It's a pretty crazy thing these babies are little miracles. Glad you feeling so great. Xo