Funsie Onesies

Have you heard of Zulily?  The concept is similar to Groupon in that the company sends a daily email of deals, but instead of discounts on local businesses, the deals includes discounts on all-things baby related (mostly clothes--maternity included, sometimes books, sometimes other random crap).  I signed up a month or so ago and have yet to purchase anything, but it's still fun to browse! 

Most of the clothing is often cute, frilly, girly outfits, in which I just drool at and hope "Someday..".  But today, there are some super cute onesies for BOYS so I thought I'd share! 

Sounds like something my husband would come up with

How funny!

I'm a math nerd...I like numbers!



  1. HA! I LOVE the 'peas out' and the 'my mom's a fox'. Halarious! You need these for your lil man!

  2. Were you able to find some in the correct size? Whenever I want something on that site, they are always sold out in the size I need!