Seriously, what did we do to deserve this awesome, wonderful, WARM weather?  I love it!!  Mid 80s in March.  Consistently.  And now April.  Just amazing. 

I can't even describe how happy it makes me to sit outside and soak up some vitamin D.  I love adding a little color to this white skin of mine (especially because I probably won't see much sun once Baby Sides decides to arrive)!  I'm hoping they open our neighborhood pool early.  But the hubs tells me it's not likely because of insurance reasons, which means eight more weeks before it opens (on Memorial weekend).  Booo!!!  Nonetheless, I'll take the nice weather while it's here!

Today, we took K to the park.  He isn't a fan of the summer-like weather like his mommy and daddy, fur coat and all.  Poor guy.  He can only handle the sun in small doses and is always quick to find a spot in the shade.  Smart dog.

We also added an appliance to our bedroom this weekend. An air-conditioner! We planned to get a window-AC unit, but apparently those are not allowed by many HOAs. They do look a little trashy. So instead, we opted for this guy!

Check out the tube...looks awesome in our bedroom as you can imagine!
It always gets so hot upstairs in our house, even with our regular AC on (which, by the way, we turned on today - April 1st has got to be a record!).  We've been known to resort to sleeping the air mattress in the basement during the dog days of summer.  But this preggo lady wasn't going to deal with that this summer.  Especially because it seems it will be a lengthy (and exceptionally hot) one.

Happy April everyone!

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