MRI is Complete, Now We Wait...

Yesterday was our appointment at Children's Mercy for the MRI on Baby's brain.  The hospital was super cute and the employees were extra friendly, but I just kept thinking about how it could be our "home" for some time after the baby is born.  And that scares me.  But...positive thoughts.

Filling out paper work was weird.  Of course, their patients are all children, but ours is unborn.  I wasn't exactly sure whether to put my name in the patient spot, or what?  We don't even have a name for Baby Sides yet!  (I put my name incase you are wondering) :)

Funny story: they give all their patients yellow wristbands to make identification easy in the case that they lose their parent.  The receptionist chucked when he asked if I wanted to wear mine.  I told him since my mom was already four hours away, it probably wasn't necessary. :)

The MRI itself was easy and painless.  I had to lay in the tube (which looked like the one below) for about 30 minutes while they took images of Baby's brain.  It was warm and cozy...reminded me of when I used to go tanning back in the day.  Only I was trying my darnedest not to move an inch.

If you've never had an MRI, the machine makes all kinds of weird (loud) noises.  Baby Boy was very active during this time!  I'm not sure he appreciated all the noises.  He must take after his big brother (Kinnick).  When they were finished, I mentioned to the technician that he was moving around a lot.  His response, "We got all the pictures we need, but I had to chase him quite a bit!"

The funniest part of all: since it was a children's hospital, I got to watch a movie during the procedure!  The movie was shown through these goggles they place over your eyes.    The gave me a list of PG and PG13 movies to choose from.  I choose The Wedding Planner.  How funny!

We didn't learn of any results yesterday and won't until our consultation on Thursday.  Thank you for the continued thoughts, prayers, texts, emails, and cards.  I'll be sure to update again after we know more later next week!

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