Scaredy Dog

Kinnick has been acting so strange lately.  I'm not sure if he senses that I'm pregnant and things are about to change, or if he senses the melancholy mood around our house, or if he's just getting weird as he ages.  He is scared of literally everything lately.  Including the beeping noise on our carbon monoxide detector (low battery) and timer on the oven!  He hides under our bed, under the desk in the basement, under covers, and even in the laundry room.  Over the weekend, we made cookies and the timer on the oven scared him so badly, his little body was shaking hysterically.  Poor dog.

Yesterday, our neighbors (on the east side) had their house re-roofed.  Hence, there were all kinds of loud noises...the nail gun, pounding, scraping, etc.  The hubs was home at lunch and let Kinnick outside.  Next thing he knew, the neighbor lady (on the west side) was at our front door with Kinnick on a leash.  She said she was in her kitchen and turned around to find our dog in her kitchen, too!  What the heck?!  He somehow climbed through the fence, into their backyard, and then followed their little girl inside! 

A little bit later the same thing happened!  Only this time, he didn't make it into their house...just their backyard.  He was so scared of the roofers, he tried to get as far away from them as possible, even if that meant into the other neighbor's yard!

He was resistent to go outside the entire rest of the day.  I had to drag him with me to the mailbox (something he usually jumps on with excitement).  Ditto with our evening walk.  Not only was he afraid to go out, but into our kitchen as well...because that's close to the outside and close to the noises (mind you, they were gone by then)!  Even at 10:30 p.m., before bed, I had to carry him out to show him the "scary" noises were gone.  And again this morning, I had to coax him outside and show him it was okay.

That was at 7 this morning.  I'm sure the roofers are back in action as I type and poor doggy is probably hiding, to the best of his ability, somewhere in our house.

So much for being mommy's protector when she gets scared.  What a weird dog!

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