Sweetest Students

So last week, when I was having such a hard time with the news of our baby boy, I decided to tell my students a little bit of what was going on.  One, because they are always so interested in my pregnancy and the little life growing inside of me.  Two, because I felt like they had a right to know why I was upset, sad, etc. or if I had to miss school for appointments, they'd know why.  And three, because the way I see it, the more people I tell, the more people that will pray for him.

I never expected some of the reactions I have gotten.  Especially from the boys. 

Here's one email I received (from a boy) the night after telling my students...

Hey Mrs. Sides it's ******. I know you are going through a difficult time, and i just wanted to let you know that little Jamal is in my prayers and that what you said today in class didn't go to waste.  You're a very strong woman judging from the two years I've had you, and I have no doubt that you can pull through this. 

(Side note: The hubs used to call the baby Jamal.  I told this particular class that and now they always refer to him by that name.)

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to head home, another student (again a boy) brought me this.

A nice little basket full of cookies and a "Thinking of You" card.  SO. SO. SWEET.  I'm sure his mom had a large part in this, but that means the student told his mom about my situation first. 

Things like this remind me how much I love my job and how lucky I am to work with the kids I do.  :)

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  1. Ok. That is too precious! So sweet!! Brought tears to my eyes - you Sides are truly blessed!