This One's for the Hubs!

I doubt he (the hubs, that is) even slept last night--he's probably too excited for tonight's BIG game.  To prove my point, when I said goodbye to him this morning, as I always do before heading to work (...when he's still in bed), he muttered the few words "I love you," "Drive safe," and  "Rock chalk."

I really do hope they win.  That would mean national titles in 2008 (the year we met) and again in 2012 (the year our first baby was born).  Sure would make it easier for the hubs to remember the important years in our life!  Because we all know remembering the championships isn't a problem for him!

T minus 11 hours to go.  We're watching at our friends Jay and Jamie's house.  This is pretty bigtime for us.  You see, usually he watches KU basketball games on our couch, alone, so he can fully concentrate.  No bars for him.  Ever.  Saturday's Final 4 game was the first since I've known him that we have watched in a social setting.  No joke.  And now, since they won, he figures their house is good luck or something, so back we go!  :)  If they win, we might be there for every game next year!  Just saying...

So...honey, I hope you get some work done today.  I know it's a big day for you.  And finally, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, go KU!

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