Mill Valley's Prom was this past weekend.  I chaperoned four years ago, but hadn't returned to do the same since a student started a rumor that I was drunk that year.  Dumb kid.

Anyway, I decided to chaperone once again this year, mainly because I was very excited about the venue.  Prom was held at Club in the same place I got married!  It's a gorgeous venue in downtown Kansas City and though Prom was on the second floor and our wedding and reception were on floors three and six, it was still fun to be back!  I think the kids really enjoyed the venue...anything has got to be better than the Shawnee Civic Center!

The chaperones met for dinner beforehand at Cafe Trio on the plaza.  I ordered the Mac Daddy (their version of mac & cheese).  According to their menu, it's the best mac & cheese in the greater Kansas City area.  It was pretty darn good, but for the price, so is Panera's! :)

I had a great time and was glad I got to see many of my students all dressed up.  I was also very thankful the tornadoes stayed away!

Here are a few pictures I took.  Oh, and I put my hair into a sock bun!  Thanks to my friend Lindsay for the inspiration and instructions!  Yes, there was a sock in my hair.  Cool, right?

Taken with my phone so not the best quality

Posing with my date (i.e. precious baby boy)!  And I told you Kinnick's been a mama's boy!  He wanted to stand by me!

Beautiful venue!

All the chaperones!

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