Our Christmas Wish Lists

It's hard to think about Christmas with the amazingly gorgeous weather we've had lately, but the fact of the matter is it's less than six weeks away!!  For as long as I can remember, my parents have gone Christmas shopping on Veteran's Day, so I'm always forced to prepare lists way in advance.  But since I keep Amazon Wishlists year round and add to them whenever I think of something, it's actually quite easy!  Here's a peek at what's on our lists this year (with links to make your shopping experience really easy *wink wink*)!

FlashAir Wireless Memory Card | From what I understand, these memory cards transmit photos from a DSLR camera to a device like a phone through a wireless network and they allow for easy sharing of photos onto social media sites.  Though I don't like that you have to be on a wireless network to transmit the photos (because there's not always a network to join), this seems like this is the only option to easily and quickly transfer photos.

5 Second Rule | At some point, Craig and I played this game and it was super fun.  It's very family-friendly, too, unlike some of our other faves to which I also recommend (Cards Against Humanity and Game of Things).

iRobot Roomba | Here's the deal, dark hardwoods + two toddler boys don't mix very well.  Our floors are constantly disguesting.  Some friends have Roombas and swear by them.  I'm all about anything that will clean my house without me having to lift a finger!

16-oz Insulated Tumblers | This summer and fall consisted of many a Sunday enjoying Bloody Marys on our patio with neighbors.  I didn't always like using glass glasses (because, kids...duh) and instead I always wished for a non-breakable insulated option.  These seem about perfect!

Buffalo Plaid Scarf | Buffalo check/plaid is all the rage right now!  So naturally, I need some of it in my wardrobe!

Tapered-Leg French Terry Sweatpants | For sweats, these are pretty stinkin' cute!

Hunter Socks | I jumped on board the half-priced Costco Hunter boots the moment I heard about them.  Now I need a pair of socks to go with!  The white or greige knit socks are preferred. ;)

Old Navy Infinity Scarf | How cute is this reversible infinity scarf?  To say I love it would be a huge understatement.  Another great option here.

Anthropology Monogram Mug | I have one of these mugs that I received as a gift a couple of years ago.  I love everything about it.  The colors, the size, the way it makes my coffee taste. :)  But I hit it on our sink a while back and now it has a nice chip out of the rim.  Hoping for a few replacements before they are discontinued!  (I also like these Pioneer Woman mugs I saw at Walmart!)

Iowa Native Tee | I'm definitely a proud KC resident, but I'll always be an Iowa girl through and through!  Would love to represent my home state with this tee!

Charlie Hustle Inspired Heart KC Baseball Cap | My summer wardrobe consists of a ponytail or a hat.  Every day.  My current Royal's hat is disgusting and Craig keeps pestering me to throw it away.  Only if I get another cute one like this!

Stemless Wine Glasses with Silicone Sleeve | Another great outdoor, kid-friendly drinkware option.  And the colored silicon sleeves?  I love!

(P.S. Let's not forget about all of these Royal's tees.  I'll take one of each of those, as well!)

Roll Play GMC Sierra Denali Ride-On | Our poor children are two of the only ones in our neighborhood who don't have one of these Powerwheel-type cars.  So I may have convinced Santa to bring us one--aka I may have already ordered one. ;)  What I like about this one in particular is the gender-neutral color (I'm not planning on a future girl, but you just never know!), the fact that it seats two kids, and it includes storage in the back (pool bag, adult beverages, you know the essentials).  Bonus: it has a USB port for music!

Magformers | Brantley received a 26-pack of these from Gramma & Papa for his birthday.  I love them.  He loves them!  Seriously though, these are my favorite toys we own (they are so math-y!) and this has been my go-to birthday present for every 3-year old boy since July!  I, errr, Brantley would sure love to add to his collection!

Games (Let's Go Fishin', Hungry Hungry Hippos, The Ladybug Game, Disney Super Stretch Game) | I've always been a game-lover.  Brantley is finally to the age where he can play and enjoy games so the more games in our house the merrier!

B. Dr. Doctor Set | Brantley's imagination is running rampant these days.  I know he would love a play doctor set!

Franklin MLB Pitching Machine | A great gift for our sports lover and future Royal! ;)

Kansas Home Tee | These shirts are super trendy right now and after buying one for Nash for his first birthday, I've decided my boys need one, too!  Just make sure you select 'navy' to purchase the one shown; otherwise, you'll receive a very girly turquoise version.

I (Shuttlecock) KC Tee | I saw this tee on Desiree's boy, Marcus, last summer and decided each of my kids need one stat!

Super Bowling Set | For some reason, Brantley loves to bowl!!  We had a bowling set, but the pins fell apart.  I know he would love and appreciate a new set!

Bouncy Balls | Give this boy all the bouncy balls.  Seriously, our kids obsess over these things!  I'm pretty sure you could give each boy 25 balls--and nothing else--and each would be beyond happy!

Water Wow! Connect the Dots | Thanks to Vanessa, we were introduced to these Water Wow coloring books over the summer.  They have been a huge hit in our house ever since!  Perhaps an upgrade to the "Connect the Dots" version would be a good idea for my 3 1/2 year old?

Critter Case | Every boy needs one of these, right?  The only downfall is that he couldn't use it for a few months!

Fire Truck, Dump Truck, Locomotive Crockodile Creek Puzzles | Brantley received one of these 10-piece puzzles last summer in the fun Blogger Birthday Gift Exchange we participated in and to this day, he still loves it!  And after lots of practice, he can now successfully put it together all by himself!  He specifically asked for more of these for Christmas and the dump truck is at the top of his list!

The Boy Who Loved Math | As a math teacher, I admit my heart may have skipped a beat when I came across this book.  We will be adding this to our collection very soon!

I'm not even sure why I make a list for Holden.  He wants anything and everything his brother has!!  Besides, it's significantly harder to make a list for kid #2 when kid #1 had/has basically every toy known to man!!  Lo and behold, I found a few things I think he'll like!

Roll Play GMC Sierra Denali Ride-On | Like I said, Santa is delivering one of these bad boys to our nearest Walmart in the very near future!  I'm so excited!

Sandra Boynton's Greatest Hits | Everyone loves Sandra Boynton, right?  She might be my favorite children's author and I don't think we own any of the four books in this set.

Leapfrog My Own Leaptop | Holden is obsessed with our laptop.  Or maybe it's more that he's obsessed with Facetiming Papa.  Either way, I'm sure he'd love his own personal laptop leaptop.

Pip Squigz | Another toy I've heard great things about.  They may be for kids six months and older, but I think at 18 months, Holden would still enjoy playing with these!

NCAA Iowa Hawkeye Dream Lite Pillow Pet | Poor Holden got one of these for Christmas last year (the Jayhawk version), but someone **ahem, Brantley** decided he liked it better.  He became pretty attached to having his "stars" at bedtime and we never had the nerve to take it away.  So needless to say, Holden needs a new one!  And we gotta balance out the Jayhawkeyes in this house divided!

Bubble Lawn Mower | We already have one of these, but seeing that the boys fight over toys as is, two of these would be more than ideal before next spring!

Toddler Bicycle Microshell Helmet | Holden is in desperate need of a bicycle helmet so that we can go on family bike rides.

Melissa & Doug Monster Plush Bowling Set | I found these as I was searching for a bowling set for Brantley and I must say, they. are. adorable.  It only makes sense that Holden would want a bowling set since his brother does, too!

OK to Wake Alarm Clock | We got Brantley one of these around his second birthday.  The clock turns green when it's okay for him to get out of bed.  I know Holden's still a bit young to understand, but eventually he will get it and we will want one for him!

 Bouncy Balls | Please refer to my note above. #bouncyballlovers

Watch Me Hop | We have a similar Watch Me Go book and it's a book Holden and I both love.  This one looks just as adorable.

Kansas Home Tee and I (Shuttlecock) KC Tee | Can't buy for one boy and not the other! #matchymatchy

Count 'n Play Cash Register | One toy we miraculously don't have yet.  My parents have an old-school cash register that Holden likes, so one would think he might like this 2015 version, too?!


And there you have it!  Our 2015 Christmas lists.  What's on your list this year??

And it's always fun to look back at prior years' lists, so here they are!


  1. You know I love all of this!!! I have the boot socks on my list too (although I can't believe they'll be as much as my boots--eeek!) and the ok to wake clock on Nash's (start 'em young, right?!?) Also, the kids are going to think they only make Denalis in the North Pole!! :) :)

  2. The FlashAir is AH-MAY-ZING! I received one for my birthday and I absolutely LOVE it! You will too!
    The iRobot Roomba is on our list, too! Between the dog, the cat, and all the traffic in and out of our house, the floors constantly need cleaning! Having something to do if for us every night would be FAB!
    I spy a Raygun shuttlecock KC shirt. Marcus has that one, and it's one of my favs! Soon he'll be too big for it - which means I think it's time to buy a new one.
    The bubble mower! So fun! That is a fan fav in our house!

  3. I should really start forming my list pretty quicklike.

    I love that buffalo plaid scarf, I should add that to my list. :)

  4. An Amazon wish list throughout the year is a BRILLIANT idea! Love all that KC apparel, too =]


  5. We LOVE those Water Wow things here! Mason got one as a gift for his birthday I think and I've already added some to my cart to get him more.
    Also, I've been wanting some of those cute pj pants. I may need to add those to my list!