Halloween Recap is Coming....But First, This

I really, really wanted to get my Halloween post up for today.  I knew that's what the rest of Blogland would do and I hate to be the odd one out.  But when you spend nap time on Sunday drinking bloodys with neighbors and then stay up way too late watching the Royals WIN THE WORLD SERIES, there's no time for that nonsense.  Instead, I'm going to relish in the fact that the Royals are the 2015 World Series champs.  (Did I really just type that??)

In true Royals fashion, they made their eighth postseason comeback, tied the game in the top of the ninth, and scored five runs in the twelfth to win it all.  Take the crown, they did.  I don't have many words except that it feels extra good to be a Kansas Citian on this Monday morning.

Now, if you please excuse me, I'll  be in and out of napping while also working on sub plans so I can celebrate and attend the parade tomorrow.  Go Royals!


  1. I was my son's age in 1985 when the Royals won the world series last time. I've been there through all of the losing seasons. Through all of the pain and agony and ridicule of telling people I'm a Royals fan. This whole last year it's been like living in a dream. The dream continues - and I don't wanna wake up. Your Kansas City Royals are World Series Champions!

  2. SO exciting! Congrats - so glad you get to go celebrate!

  3. YESSSS!! And even better NO SCHOOL so no need for sub plans!!! #KCisthebest

  4. So jealous so jealous so so jealous. It is beyond painful to be 2,000 miles away in Seattle while all this excitement is going on back home. I'm in physical pain. lol -- have a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!