Two Truths and a Lie

I saw this on a blog a few days ago and thought it would make for a fun post!  All you have to do is decide which two stories are true and which one is not!

| 1 |
I almost died once while white water rafting.  It was the summer before eighth grade and I was 13 years old.  My family was vacationing in Colorado and my dad had always wanted to white-water raft.  Against her will, my mom agreed to go.  All was well and we were having a grand ole time until our raft freakishly hit a massive rock in just the wrong way.  The raft started sinking and my dad, sister, and I each fell off.  Although we were wearing life jackets, they are pretty much worthless through a big rapid.  My dad pulled himself back aboard and our guide was able to pull my sister back onto the raft, but I was under water for a significant amount of time (probably only 20 seconds but to myself and my mom, it felt like forever).  I finally surfaced and was helped onto the raft.  As if that wasn't enough, the water temperature was frigid and everyone was worried about me getting hypothermia.  Needless to say, I will never white-water raft again.

| 2 |
I once met Jessica Simpson!  I was in college at the time and my roommate and I watched Oprah on a regular basis.  You could go onto Oprah's website and browse topics for her upcoming shows.  There were even forms to fill out if you could relate to a specific topic and by filling out a form, you could have potentially been selected as an audience member for that show.  Anyway, this was back in Jessica's Newlyweds days and I was (still am!) a huge fan!  Jessica was scheduled to be on Oprah and Oprah was searching for Jessica's biggest fan.  Naturally, I filled out a form and though I wasn't selected as her "biggest fan", I did make it into the audience and got to meet Jessica!

| 3 | 
I once gave up Starbucks for about ten months before my wedding.  We were searching for a wedding photographer and had it narrowed down to two.  Craig preferred one simply because he was $500 less expensive than the one I preferred.  Though $500 isn't a lot in the grand scheme of planning a wedding, it is a good chunk of change, especially when the photographer is already expensive to begin!  I schemed a plan to give up Starbucks from that point forward (until the wedding) if my now-hubs would let me book the photog I wanted.  It worked.  Of course, I asked for giftcards so I didn't go completely without my caramel macchiatos, but looking back I think "Man, I was cray!"

So which one is a lie and which two are true??  The answer is in the comments!  Have a great weekend! 


  1. Number 2 is a lie. I have not met Jessica Simpson, though I would love to! But...I really did fill out a form on Oprah's website explaining why I was Jessica's biggest fan!

  2. I was going to guess that #2 was a lie. I too would love to meet Jessica.

    I cannot believe that you gave up Starbucks for that long! Wow!