A Guest Post Featuring My Very Own Hubby

For years now, the hubs has always suggested that I let him write a blog post.  Though I had never been opposed to his idea, his suggestions were usually more sarcastic than serious and he had yet to follow through with his request.  (Though there was that one time he surprised me with the sweetest Mother's Day post.)

And then the Royal's won the World Series and I thought if ever there was a perfect time to capture Craig's feelings in writing, it was then.  I loved the idea that Brantley and Holden could look back on the post and read exactly what their daddy was thinking when one of his top three teams took the ultimate prize.  So I mentioned the idea to Craig and he was wishy-washy for a couple of weeks.  But then on Saturday, after an afternoon run, he walked into the house and calmly said, "I got it. I know what I'm going to say in my blog post."  48 hours later, here it is.

I hope you enjoy my very first guest post from my very favorite person himself!


Seven or eight years ago a friend and I were discussing what we’d rather experience in our lifetime, a Chiefs Super Bowl or a Royals World Series. For him, it was a no-brainer. The Chiefs were a pretty consistent team and had a rabid fan base. He could only imagine how crazy KC would be if the Chiefs won a championship. I felt very differently. My argument was that the NFL is setup to allow every team an opportunity to produce a winner. A couple good drafts and you can easily go from 5-11 to 12-4. One good quarterback and you’re suddenly in the playoffs. It doesn’t take much. There really isn’t any team in the NFL that should feel completely out of it going into a new season. And it doesn’t require much to produce support for that team. A team can thrive in tiny Green Bay, Wisconsin for God’s sake. Small or big markets, everyone has a chance.

Baseball is very different. During our conversation the Royals were in their twenty-something consecutive losing season. Reaching a World Series, let alone winning a World Series, seemed preposterous. And for this reason I stated that I would much rather see a Royals championship. It would take such an effort and take so long that the fruits of the labor would be slow and so rewarding. We needed ownership to start spending money. We needed a General Manager who could develop talent in the minor leagues, create a system in Latin America, and make free agent acquisitions that could produce right away. We needed a Manager who could hire a coaching staff that would develop players in both the Big Leagues and in the farm system. This would take years if not decades. But if we did all of these things I felt that we would eventually start to win games. We’d produce a winning record, maybe make the playoffs, and who knows….crazier things have happened. And to do all of this in one of baseball’s smallest markets? Forget about it. This town would erupt. It’s easy to be a baseball fan in New York or St. Louis where consistent winners exist year in and year out. It was tough to cheer for the Royals all of those years. And it feels so rewarding for never jumping off the band wagon.

I find myself thinking about the 2015 Royals a lot. Like a lot. In work meetings. Driving down the road. Playing with the kids. This team still blows my mind. All of those crazy 8th inning comebacks. The lockdown pitching of Wade Davis. The stolen bases – ‘that’s what speed do’. So many different thoughts and plays and games to sort through. But, here are the things that stay present in my mind weeks after Game 5:

Game 4 against Houston in the ALDS. We’re down 6-2 in the 8th inning. Lose this game and the season is over. This was a day game. I recall sitting at the kitchen table, working while watching the game, and thinking to myself, ‘well, it was a good season. Never thought we’d go to 2 straight World Series so I can’t be mad but I certainly hate the late season trades to get Cuetto and Zobrist. Wasn’t worth it.’ And then, Royals devil magic struck. The singles, the Houston errors, the home run. Crazy. Crazy game.

Game 1 of World Series – Gold glover Eric Hosmer…incredible defensive first basemen. Somehow misses a little hopper to first and the Mets go up a run heading into the ninth. I felt, lose Game 1 at home and it’s going to be tough to win the whole thing. And then Royals devil magic struck again in the form of Alex Gordon. The same Alex Gordon who was hitting 8th in the lineup and hadn’t produced much the entire post-season. He bombs an incredible game tying homer to center field.. I could just feel the relief on Hosmer’s face. I think to the image of him jumping over the dugout rail and running to Gordon for a hug. Seriously bailed him out. And then, in true Royals form, Hosmer came through with the game winning sacrifice fly. Redemption. Great game.

That Hosmer run in Game 5. Win this game and we’re World Series champions. We were going up against the Mets' ace in Harvey. He was incredible. We couldn’t buy a run and his stuff was untouchable. Mets up 2-0 going into the ninth inning. Harvey comes back out. Leadoff double with Hosmer up to bat. He hits a double to drive in a run. Down 2-1. Hosmer eventually ends up on third with one out. Please, we just need one hit. Salvy’s got this. Come on Salvy. No….Salvy hits a little hopper to third base. I remember feeling so devastated seeing the Met’s third basemen throw the ball to first. And then….what in the heck? I literally stood up out of my chair as Hosmer ran home. What in the heck was he doing? I yelled “NO!”…. And then Royals devil magic struck again. The throw home was errant and the game was tied. We ended up blowing it open in extra innings. I laid in bed that night and could not stop thinking about Hosmer’s run home. What guts. I’ve watched it on you tube no less than 20 times.

And then finally, the parade. I find myself thinking of the parade most of all. To me, this is the lasting image that I will always think of. Players, coaches, managers, come and go. But the 800,000 people that showed up in downtown Kansas City on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon are lifers. 800,000 people. For a parade. These people grew up Royals fans. Or perhaps will grow up Royals fans. Or perhaps just became hooked on baseball the past couple years. Whatever their stories, they aren’t going anywhere. They represent Royals Nation and represented well.  To experience this with my boys is something I’ll always treasure. 

Oh…and one more image….how about that Johnny Gomes speech.  I’ve read this was totally unrehearsed. I love the players reactions in the background. I’ve watched this a dozen times and pick out a new favorite background reaction each time.

Who knows what the future might hold. It might be 30 more years before we win a World Series. No matter, we’ll be cheering along the way.


Thanks again to my husband for agreeing to my crazy antics and for putting into words your thoughts about the craziness that was the Royals' postseason play.


  1. I love that your husband decided to guest post! And his topic selection is obviously amazing.
    I have to agree, while the Chiefs winning a bowl would be magical, the Royals winning is just the sweetest - and perhaps once in a lifetime.

  2. I loved reading this, Craig & Sarah! Now I'm going to fall asleep dreaming about the Royals 2015 season. 😊