Our Favorite Books

Both of our boys love reading books at bedtime.  Holden gets so excited to go choose a book from his bookshelf and he is usually mad about only reading three.  Brantley seems to always choose the longest, drawn-out books with 500 flaps, but he, too, loves this time before bedtime.  Although I don't read for pleasure like I once did, I hope their current love of books carries well into their adolescent and adult years.  I compiled a list of our current favorites, just in case anyone is looking for books to ask Santa!

Dear Zoo | Where's Spot | Yummy Yucky | Baby Beep Beep (and other DK Publishing chunky board books)

For the Sports-Lover
Goodnight Baseball | Hello Big Jay (and other mascot books)

Mommy's Faves

Boy Books

Other Favorites


  1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is on repeat at our house right now. Marcus thinks it's the best book ever.

    This us the second post ice read today suggesting Goodnight, Baseball. Clearly we need it in our collection. And I'm going to have to see if Hello ____ is available in Wildcat and Cyclone!

  2. Do you guys love that Goodnight Baseball book? I had it on my list today as well and think Mason (and Seth!) would LOVE it, but I'd love to hear real life feedback that someone I know actually likes it :)