My Favorite Royals Tees

I'm still trying to recover from late night Royal's games and the insaneness that was the parade on Tuesday.  In case you hadn't heard, the celebration drew around 800,000 Kansas City fans.  More on that to come, but today I'm stealing Vanessa's idea (thanks, friend!) and sharing some of my favorite local KC tees.  Turns out, having a winning team inspires some pretty cute clothing designs.

(These would make some...ahem...great Christmas gifts.)

1. Farmdog Studios | I "Heart" KC ($28)
2. KC Proud. | Ballpark Henley ($45)
3. Made in KC | World Champs
4. Bunker Made | Bunker Made KCMO Vintage Tee  ($36)
5. Shop Ampersand Etsy Shop | Gold Foil Baseball Tee ($40)
6. Oddities Prints | Believe KC ($20)
7. Bunker Made | World Champs Reglan ($36)
8. Hello Big Idea | KC Crowned ($35)
9. Charlie Hustle | Crown Town ($32)
10. Ocean and Sea | The Heart  ($32)
11. Freelance | The Crown ($32)
12. Hometown Loyal Etsy Shop | KC Skyline ($26)


  1. I think that your hubby should get you every single one of these! You deserve them! I watched Jimmy Fallon from last night today during lunch & they had two of the KC players on & showed a picture from the parade - I thought of you. :)

  2. That I heart KC with the baseball heart is SO CUTE. I swear you guys have the BEST shirts!

  3. SARAH! I just ordered this one this morning: - Love all of these on your post! People who own a t shirt store in KC have seriously hit the jackpot. lolz


  4. Gah - these are all adorable! And now I need to add alllllll of them to my Christmas list.
    I recently found this one, and I'm pretty sure it's on the "must have" list as well:
    I saw Hosmer's girlfriend wearing it and I instantly needed it. SO CUTE!

  5. Oh great, my Christmas list just grew!!! ;) Love them all! Oh and our 2nd Believe shirt was shipped this morning. If I see the mailman wearing one today I'm going to lay down the law!!! ;)