Elf on the Shelf | 1st Annual North Pole Breakfast

Meet Gordon.

He's our Elf on the Shelf.  Named after Royal's left fielder, Alex Gordon.

Gordon's actually been with us for two years now, but we didn't do much with him that first year, and last year, well, we managed to move him every 4(ish) days.

This year, though, I am determined to make him a bigger deal.  We have boys who understand things and I'm all about making this time of year as magical as can be.

Yes, I've read the critics' arguments and reasons for not doing Elf on the Shelf.  My responses to that: 1) Your elf doesn't have to plan over-the-top antics (Gordon will most definitely not be participating in that craziness) and 2) You can teach your children the real meaning of Christmas while simultaneously participating in the Elf fun!  So, for us, it has always been a no brainer.

I've got a semi-concrete plan for what Gordon's going to do for the next 23 nights.  They are all very simple, but I knew if I didn't have a plan, I would never follow through!  I am so excited to see the boys' interest and excitement grow as we progress through the month of December!

Yesterday morning, Gordon surprised the boys with a "North Pole Breakfast."  Our first annual, if you will.  I'll let the photos do most of the talking, but I will say, I set my alarm for 6am to ensure everything was set up and in place by the time the boys woke around 7.  Totally worth the early wake up!!

(And I apologize for the poor quality of photos.  I was trying to capture everything in the dark without having to use my flash.)

Daddy read the story of the Elf, while the boys dined on muffins, doughnuts, and fruit.  And marshmallows.  That was their favorite part.

Brantley seemed equally surprised and freaked out that an elf could have done such a thing.  I agree, it is a little freaky.  But he totally bought into the story though.  Craig tried to touch Gordon at dinner time last night and Brantley yelled at him to stop.  As for Brantley's behavior yesterday, well, that was another story, but hopefully the elf will convince him that it's not okay to pee on the floor and whine every five minutes.

Holden, obviously, doesn't get it yet, but he does respond to the warming, "Gordon's watching" by looking towards the elf.  I'll consider that a huge success.

The North Pole Breakfast was a success and something I plan to continue next year!  Now, please let me remember to move our elf each night!

All supplies were either my own or purchased at Target! 
Dollar Spot: glass milk bottles, gold stripe paper straws, Rudolf books, holiday silverware, striped cake stand
Target's Dining & Entertaining: Naughty or Nice plates, trees
Target's Christmas Section: red tablecloth, red/gold striped napkins


  1. adorable! maybe i'll do this next year!

  2. Okay I love this...it's all perfect! And I agree with Brantley--he's kind of freaky! I'll be throwing together our elf's interest after our wine night tonight. So yeah...that could be interesting!!!! 😁

  3. So so fun!!!!! Tony is making his debut tomorrow- Charlie found him in the random drawer and was freaking out!!!!! Haha!!

  4. Our elf makes his big appearance tomorrow! We are doing our first NP breakfast, too. I cannot wait to see Marcus' face when he wakes up. So fun!
    And I'm with you, you can have all the elf fun and not lose the meaning of Christmas. Our elf will also NOT be doing anything too crazy. I like the idea of having a plan - or schedule- I think our elf needs one of those!

  5. Love the idea of this!!! Waverly is really getting everything this year, so I know she would love it!!

  6. Omg, precious. This is the kind of stuff I can't wait to do when I have kids!!!


  7. First of all, not surprised that your elf is named after a Royal. Tee hee!

    Secondly, I would have LOVED to attend that breakfast! It looks marvelous! Color me jealous! :)

  8. This is so cute! I want to bring out our elf too--I don't think they'll "get" it but it's just so exciting!