Chrismtas List

So I'm stealing a post idea from my cousin-in-law, Kristen.  My Christmas list!  I thought it was a fun idea!
1. K-Cups - Love my Keurig and love trying new K-cup varieties!

2. Electric Chopper - I used my mom's during Thanksgiving and it was awesome!  Beats chopping onion by hand.

3. Mint Statement Necklace - Love the color mint.  Love statement necklaces.  It only makes sense.

4. Keurig Re-Useable Filter - Perfect for when I run out of K-cups, these things use regular coffee grounds.

5. Chevron Camera Strap - Now that I have a fancy new camera, I need to spruce it up with a fun strap!

6. Personalized Stackable Ring - With Brantley's name and birth date.  Lots on Etsy.

7. Leopard Belt - Lovin' me some leopard print.

8. Legwarmers/Boot Socks - My new favorite accessory.  Cute and warm!  I also saw some (on Etsy) with the Iowa Hawkeye logo!

9. Mini Umbrella - Mine got taken at the Iowa football game over a year ago and I have yet to replace it.

10. Mamarazzi Book - As recommended by my photography workshop instructor.  The mom's guide to great picture taking!

11. Camera Case - I have a big camera case.  This is more like a koozi.  Easier to throw in the purse or diaper bag.

12. Mini Muffin Tin - I have one, but need another to make baking easier.  I use these every December for Reece's cookies.

13. North Face Roo - Yep, a fanny pack!  I've borrowed friends' a few times and they are awesome.  I want my own.

And my "someday" list.  Things I know no one will buy me.  Maybe someday.

1. Kitchen Aid Mixer - I've gotten by this long without, but I do love them!

2. Another Camera Lens (70-300/4-5.6 and 50/1.8) - Not even sure what these do, but they were both recommended to me!

3. Cricut - Imagine the possibilities...

And that's it!  But mostly, I wish for a happy, healthy holiday season for myself and all those near and dear to me. 

On a related note, did you know you can create an online Christmas list and share the link with anyone?  It's great!  I've done this for two years now.  I keep an ongoing list all year long and add things as I think of them.  Then when family asks what I want for Christmas, I direct them to my online wishlist.

One place to do this is, but I was having trouble adding things from Target's website.  And considering Target is my all-time favorite store, that was a problem.  So I found another option for creating lists through Amazon.  Check it out today.  I promise you will love it!

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  1. Cute! I laughed at the "My Someday List!" A Kitchen Aid Mixer is on mine! It was on our registry, but that was just wishful thinking! (a red one at that). AND the Cricut...I am obsessed with them! Love it :)