Dear Santa...

I know Christmas isn't all about the gifts, but let's be honest, they sure do make it more fun!  Here are mine and Brantley's wish lists this year!

Toddler-Size Chiefs Cap - We've got all the other major teams covered (Royals, Jayhawks, Hawkeyes) but B still needs one of these!

Baseball Bean Bag Chair - As soon as I saw one of these on Pinterest, I knew immediately what we'd be gettting Brantley this year!  Perfect for his new sports-themed, big boy room!  Bonus: It's from Walmart and only $28!

My First Crayola 2-in-1 Doodle Board - I saw this as I was browsing Crayola products.  Sort of reminds me of a Magna Doodle??

Belly Button Book - Brantley is currently obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with belly buttons.  Who knew there was an entire book devoted to them?!

Little Helper 3-Piece Broom Set / Little Helper Mop - Brantley's favorite "toy" at daycare is her Norwex mop.  I found these that are actually meant to be toys, and hey, if he's going to use them to help clean our {usually disguesting} kitchen floor, then I'm all for it!

Circo Score! Art Clips - Ummm a perfect accent for Brantley's new room.  He might not care about them, but his mama sure like them!

Little Tikes Toy Baseball Set - I can only hope my son grows up to be an athelete.  If sports aren't his thang, then so be it, but we can sure encourage it with toys like this!

Race Track - There's a Playskool fold-up race track at daycare that Brantley loves.  He kicks his legs in excitement and belly laughs every time they play with it.  Unfortunately, it's about ten years old and not made anymore, so any race track will probably suffice!

Mr. Potato Head - Every kid needs one of these, right??  My sister has this on her son's Christmas list and I thought it was a great idea!

Toddler Bike Helmet - My mom insists we wear bike helmets when we go for bike rides.  Craig and I already have them (and do wear them), but Brantley is in need of one before this spring.

Munchie Mug - Perhaps more of a "mom request".  We have the traditional snack catchers, but they don't work very well, in my opinion.  After a little research, I found these Munchie Mugs that have some pretty rave reviews.

Circo Sports Table Lamp - A great addition to the sports-themed room!  Brantley may not care about them, but his mama sure thinks they're cool! :)

Melissa and Doug Plush - Yet another.

Crayola Color Wonder Mini Markers - These things seem pretty great.  They have clear tips and only write on the Color Wonder paper (no walls, floors, furniture, clothing, skin, etc.).  I may have already purchased a pack (plus a Mickey Mouse coloring book to go with!).

Rain Boots - I've wanted a pair of rain boots for a few years and finally decided to add them to my wist list.  I especially love this shiny, red pair!

Shutter Buddy - This thing goes around your camera lens and bribes kids to look at the camera.  I need this soooo badly since my kid usually wants nothing to do with pictures!  I specifically want an Elmo one but couldn't find a good picture.

Panini Press - We need a new one.  Ours is a cheaper version and doesn't the hinges don't rotate; therefore, it smashes the back of the sandwich and barely touches the front.

Happily Ever After: The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart by Trista Sutter - Sign me up for anything Bachelor-related!  Thanks to my friend Hollyn for informing me of this new release!

Slippers - The pair I wore for about five year fell apart this year.  Time for some new ones.

Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers - These are just cute.

Tailgate Table - We have an 8-foot, but sometimes I think a 6-foot would be more convenient. 

New Dinnerware Set - We've only had ours for 3 1/2 years but they are all chipping  (annoying).  I like square...and even though I love our red ones, I think I'm ready for white.

TheraPearl Reusable Eye-Ssential Hot & Cold Mask - My list is so exciting, isn't it? :)  Refrigerated eye masks are often my saving grace for my really bad headaches.  My old ones all dried up something between now and the past five years.

Ice Bucket - I think I have about every type of entertaining serving wear.  Except an ice bucket.  Something I don't really want to buy myself, but would make a good gift!

Tenzi - We played dice game this with Craig's family on Thanksgiving.  I'm not sure if I just got lucky, or if I'm a really good dice roller, but I won about 80% of the games.  Which made it really fun!  A fun, easy, and quick family-friendly game for all ages!

Cards Against Humanity - Have you played this?  Let's just say it's the inappropriate version of Apples to Apples.  I played during the girls' bachelorette trip to Cali this summer and have wanted it ever since.

Smith & Hawken Square Basket with Chalkboard - I don't really have a plan for this now that we got storage ottomans for all of Brantley's toys, but I still think it's cute.  And I'm sure I could find something to put in it.

Fre Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Brut - Non-alcoholic wine.  Just what the prego's doctor ordered.  Can be found at your local Target!

White Porcelain 12-Inch Cake Stand - This would be nice to have for future birthdays and showers.

There's more - a laundry basket, new bath towels, new bed sheets, an $800 camera know, the basics.  Ha!  I keep an Amazon wishlist (possibly one of the best online creations ever) and add things throughout the year as I think of them.  Then, when family asks for ideas, I just send them the link to my wishlist!  So much easier than trying to come up with ideas on the fly!  I do the same for Brantley.  If you don't already keep one, I recommend it!  It's free and you can add any product from any website!

What are you hoping Santa brings you this year?

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