Halloween 2015

Halloween is in the books and what a perfect day it was!  It was on a Saturday this year, which was probably the best thing about it!  We were forecasted to have rainy and chilly weather conditions a few days prior, but it actually turned out to be a perfect night with perfect fall temperatures. 

Brantley went as Olaf and Holden as a penguin.  It was as coordinated as could be this year!  Holden had the perfect waddle and I'm not sure I've seen a cuter penguin!  Surprisingly, he loved putting on his costume!

We trick or treated with neighbors for a good couple of hours before heading to one of their garages to watch the Royals win game 4 of the World Series.  Brantley had so much fun going door to door and at one point, he made sure to point out "Mommy, I told her 'Thank you!!'"  Thanks for pointing that out, Dude!  

At one point, he decided he was ready for that candy he had been working so hard for!  He snacked while the rest of the neighbor kids visited these houses behind him.

Holden wasn't exactly sure what was going on and slowed us down quite a bit, so he eventually got stuck in the wagon.   

Brantley was so excited to meet up with his girlfriend, Arden, but even more excited that she was going to sleep in his bed later that night (while her parents stuck around for the Royals watch party). 

And here's how you know you live in a great neighborhood.  These people were handing out candy to the kid and hot alcoholic beverages to the adults.  Yes, please!


  1. That's awesome that you had great weather for Trick or Treating. The boys are so cute! Love their costumes.

  2. Ok first of all, how cute are they? I LOVE the Olaf and penguin costumes!!! And second, I'm moving to your neighborhood, or at least coming to trick or treat next year, because hot adult beverages? Yes please.
    Also, I completely agree! Halloween should ALWAYS be on a weekend! SO much better!

  3. Candy for the kids and warm alcoholic beverages for the parents? Those are some awesome neighbors! Your boys are adorable in their costumes and your photos are beautiful! What lens / camera do you use?

  4. They looked SO cute! It looks like you had a great Halloween!

  5. Yes, Please!! That neighborhood sounds perfect! So glad the boys had so much fun!

  6. Yep, already ready for the next Halloween celebration! Love these pics!!! Oh and "are you looking for a baby??" ;) ;)