Stitch Fix #6

It's been awhile since I shared a Stitch Fix.  January, to be exact.  I got my fifth fix in March, but it was Spring Break, we had just moved, and I was sick, sick, sick.  Not to mention, I forgot to change my address so it was shipped to our old house.  By the time I got there to pick it up, I was already on day 2 of 3 and I had to decide quickly what to keep and what to send back.  I kept one thing (a blue polka dot blouse with a split back), basically to not lose the $20 styling fee, but I would describe that fix as a dud.  So much that I don't even remember the rest of it (and now I'm mad for not taking pictures).

Anyway, in early May I decided it was time for another box!  I signed up for the end of May and thought it'd be a perfect You-Made-It-Through-the-School-Year-Happy Summer-to-Myself gift.

And then I made the mistake of going to Target a few days before my box was to be shipped.  Since we don't live three blocks away anymore and I don't make it to Target often (and I was there by myself), let's just say I was in Target heaven.  And of course, they had racks and racks of clearance clothing and a whole clothing department full of other cutesy summery stuff.  I left with a handful of tops, a few pairs of shorts, and a pair of wedge heals.  No big deal--I decided I'd go home and cancel my upcoming Stitch Fix.  I tried to do just that the moment I got home, but of course, my fix was already "in progress" so I was unable to cancel it.  Still not a big deal, I figured the box would be another dud and I wouldn't mind shipping four of the five items back.

And then I got my box.

And whatdoyouknow--it wasn't a dud.  In fact, it was the opposite.  I love everything.  Literally, e v e r y t h i n g.  Murphy's Law, right?

Here's what I got!

Item #1 | Market & Spruce Colibri Henley Top
A sleeveless, plaid top that could be worn casually with shorts this summer or as a nice work top with a pencil skirt this fall.  I do like it, but after trying on the other items, this is probably my least favorite of the bunch.  It has a bit of a maternity feel to it.  I think if it was one size smaller, perhaps it wouldn't feel that way.  It's also really long in the back.  Like if looks as if I'm not wearing shorts/pants.  So I like it, but it'll probably go back.

Item #2 | THML Chenny Embroidery Detail Knit Tank 
When I first signed up for Stitch Fix after seeing some cute pieces on Jana's blog, this is what I had envisioned.  Adorable and unique things like this!  Perhaps my all-time favorite item from Stitch Fix right here!  I love everything about this - the fit, the stripes, the detail.  Keeper, fo sho.

Item #3 | Skies Are Blue Haleiwa Tie-Neck Top
Another all-time fave!  I love the floral pattern and the fit.  (Maybe it's just summer clothes that I love??)  I have nothing bad to say about this top.  It's adorbs.  Another keeper.

Item #4 | Colourworks Laudry Split Back Knit Top
I really like the loose fit of this, and the color, and the look of it from the front, but the back??  I can't decide.  It's super long and makes me look like I'm sans pants (again).  I like it with these shorts, but perhaps it would be a good look with leggings.  What do you think?  Keeper or no?

Item #5 | Zad Milena Floral Crescent Necklace
I'm a sucker for necklaces.  Especially ones that are teal.  So it goes without saying that I love this.  But probably not as much as I love the tops?  So it may get shipped back.

If I keep everything, the cost would be $136 (because of the 25% off "buy all discount".)  Not bad, really!  But that's after already spending over $100 at Target the other day and I normally don't spend that amount of money on clothing in such a short amount of time.  If I send back the plaid sleeveless and necklace, the total is $116 (seems silly).  If I keep only my two favorite tops, it'd be $82.  Ahhh I can't decide!  Someone please tell me what to do!

Seriously though--input?  I'm definitely keeping the striped and floral tanks since they are my favorite items to date!!

On a side note, you like the new selfie mirror?!  When we first found the house and I saw that mirror, all I could think was "Perfect place for Stitch Fix selfies!"  #loseriknow

And the shorts?  Those are one of my Target purchases.  They are high-wasted with some embroidered lace on the side.  I think they are cute, flattering, and best of all, comfy!  They are not going back either, but perhaps I'll reconsider a few of the other Target purchases to justify keeping my entire SF box.  Decisions, decisions...

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  1. I've been DYING to try stitch fix, especially when I see all these cute things that everyone else gets! Does it really only cost $20 each box (plus what you decide to buy)? I always thought it was more (or maybe I just assumed I would want to keep everything and that's why it would cost so much lol).

  2. Keep. It. All! So adorable! Plus, it makes sense mathematically! 😉 it's also an anniversary present to yourself! Can you get that shirt a size smaller? Maybe then you'll feel better about it.

  3. It makes me nervous to try it as more times than not I hear how people hated what they got! I also think everything looks good on skinny girls like yourself. :)