Sittch Fix #2

It's been 6 1/2 weeks since my first Stitch Fix, which meant one thing--it was time for another!  I purposely didn't sign up for monthly fixes, because well...let's be honest, I don't need to spend that much money on clothes that often.  So instead, I choose a date 6 1/2 weeks later.  Well 6 1/2 weeks turned into seven because my fix was three days late!!  Talk about a disappointment.  Nonetheless, I couldn't get home fast enough on the day it was delivered.  It about killed me to have to stay at work until 5 and finish all of my planning...

I will say, I am much happier with Fix #2.  Sort of.  Looking back, I loved the items in my first fix, just didn't love the prices.  I mean, $78 for a cotton maxi skirt?  No thanks.  I requested items under $50 this time.  And they did a pretty good job at following my request.  I also gave feedback after my first fix and asked for items that weren't so plain Jane...and to my liking, they obliged!

#1: Murray Paisley Print Sleeveless Blouse
I love the paisley pattern, and I know I could wear it under a cardigan, but I'm kind of over sleeveless tanks right now.  It's fall.  Bring on the sleeves.  Besides, it was satin-ish and it seemed to show every curve and roll in my post-baby belly.  (Sorry for the horribly blurry photo.)
Price: $48

#2: Brinley Corduroy Straight Leg Pant
 I was skeptical when I saw a pair of pants included in this fix.  I'm curvy with a big booty and very picky about pants.  I tried them on, with very low expectations.  But to my surprise, they fit!  And they were quite comfortable.  I thought the side-view was even more flattering than the front.  I was still undecided because of their price, but partially sold due to the fact that they're work appropriate and can be worn with heels or flats.  Stay tuned for my decision...
Price: $78

#3: Dustin Mixed Print Graphic Print Top
This is what I was talking about when I asked for items that are unique.  I love this print!  I love the colors.  I love the fit.  The back is plain navy.
Price: $54

#4: Nadia Graphic Print Short Sleeve Blouse
Another super fun print that I could have only dreamt of.  Love the colors.  Again.  And the pattern.  Again.
Price: $48

#5: Ontario Mixed Metal Layered Cuff
Nothing special.  I don't dislike, but I also don't love.  I was less than thrilled about this item and would never spend $28 on something this basic.
Price: $28

So, the verdict?  I would have loved to keep items 2, 3, and 4, but didn't love the idea of spending $180 on just three items.  So I kept the pants and made myself choose just one of the two tops.  I choose #3 - the orange/blue graphic top.  I've already checked out online...and good thing, because otherwise, I'm sure I'd be trying to convince myself to keep the purple top, too.  Maybe next time...

Speaking of, I signed up for another for November 20!  A Thursday.  That way, regardless of whether it's on time or a couple of days late, I'll have the weekend to decide!  It was a bit stressful this week trying to find time to try on, make my decisions, and stop by the mailbox with the craziness of school.  But I will say, it sure gives me something to look forward to!

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