Stitch Fix #3

I debated about whether or not to keep posting my Stitch Fixes on here, but ultimately, I love looking back and seeing what I received!  I also assume people are nosy like me and enjoy the glimpse of what I got!  Am I right? :)  Speaking of, have you ever searched the hashtag #stitchfix on Instagram?  One of my favorite things to do when I have a few minutes of free time!

Anyway, last week {a day before it was supposed to arrive!} I received fix #3.  Also known as, my favorite fix to date!  Of course, it may have helped that I requested items similar to those I had seen on another blog.  Check that, it definitely helped.  I got pretty much exactly what I had requested with a couple of surprises as well! :)

Item #1 | Staccato Laina Plaid Cotton Burgundy Button-Up
First up, this burgundy button-up.  I loved it when I pulled it out of the box!  It was very Christmas-y and in my mind, perfect for this time of year!  But then I put it on and I felt sort of like a farmer.  (And not in a good Bachelor Chris farmer-like way.)  It's like camo--I just can't do it.  I guess growing up in Iowa left me with a few preconceived notions about certain patterns and this one was just not my fave.  And with a $58 price tag, I had no qualms about sending it back.

Item #2 | Market and Spruce Benzer Mixed Material Burgundy Sweater
Next, is this burgundy sweater with an attached "shirt" underneath.  It's not really a shirt, but a small piece of fabric that looks like it.  This is totally me!  I always wear tanks under my shirts anyway because I the layered look, and since this has the layered look already, it's perfect!  Love the color, love the style, it seems perfect for this time of year!  It was most definitely a keeper, so much so that I wore it the very next day!  {This was one of my requested items, by the way.}  Perhaps my favorite piece to date!

Item #3 | Market and Spruce Wilco Solid Quilted Olive Vest
Another requested item.  This vest.  It's amazing.  The color.  The gold zipper.  The pockets.  The subtle quilted pattern.  I also love how thin it is!  I have other vests that are so thick they make me feel like a marshmallow.  This one, though, is light weight, yet warm, and hence amazing.  Another keeper.  Bonus - multiple students complemented me on it, which led to me explaining Stitch Fix.  A few of the girls jotted down the website, but I felt a little weird asking them to use my referral code. :(

Item #4 | Pixley Farris Faceted Stone Statement Necklace 
I like this necklace, but it arrived broken.  The metal rings that connected two of the stones came apart.  It was fixable, but in my experience, when a necklace breaks in that manner, it never stay together like it should.  Stitch Fix offered a 15% discount, but come on, 15%??  No thanks.  Besides, lately I'm more of a classic necklace than statement necklace wearer, so I had no issues sending this back.

Item #5 | Kut from the Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
I also requested a pair of boyfriend jeans.  I wanted to try a pair without actually shopping for them myself.  Bad idea.  Bad, bad idea.  Like, they looked so bad I didn't even take a picture because I didn't want to remember what they looked like!  Not to mention, they were about two sizes too big!!  (How did that happen??)  Oh well, I tried.  And besides, it's actually kind of nice when something is that bad and I don't have to make the decision of what to keep.  (Because let's be honest, I'm not sure I'll ever keep the entire box...I just can't spend that much money all at once.)

So there you have it!  My third and most favorite fix to date!  I went ahead and scheduled my next fix for eight weeks from now - on my birthday!  I could sign up for bimonthly fixes, but the control freak in my likes to manually select the dates I receive my fix!  Weird, I know.

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  1. I think you are nuts to send back that flannel shirt, I think it looks awesome on you, I absolutely love it! Throw a scarf on it, that will tone the farmer vibe. Love this month's goodies, that green vest is a total keeper.