My First Fix...

As much as I've been dreading this week (for obvious reasons), I've also been looking forward to it!  Why, you ask?  Because this is when I scheduled my first "fix" to arrive!

In case you haven't heard about Stitch Fix, it's an online styling service.  Basically, you fill out a style "profile" that includes your measurements, style and price preferences, and any additional info you'd like your stylist to know.  For instance, I told mine that I gave birth to Baby #2 in April and am not yet completely comfortable in tight fitting tops.  I also told her I was returning to work from my maternity leave and suggested that a new work item, or two, would be nice.  You also get to tell them how you feel about a given selection of clothing (love it, like it, don't really like it, hate it).  That was hard for me because there were pieces from each group that I loved...and there were also pieces I wasn't overly crazy about.  Here's an example:

Anyway, you pay a $20 "styling fee" for your stylist to send you five items.  You try them on in your own environment, on your own time, and with your own accessories.  You have three days to decide what to keep.  Your $20 goes towards the price of anything you keep, and the non-keepers get sent back in a prepaid envelope that's included with your fix.  Pretty genius, actually!  I'm not sure of anyone who wouldn't keep at least one item just to ensure you don't lose $20!  Oh, and if you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount.

I first heard of Stitch Fix last January.  At the time, I was six months pregnant, and unable to partake in their services. (Although now it seems like maybe they style pregnant ladies?  There is a question asking whether you're pregnant, anyway!)  I've been waiting until I was back to my normal size to give it a try.  And that time finally came in July.  I signed up, but the first available date was August 12.  Not a big deal, I figured.  I knew it would give me something to look forward to despite going back to school on the 11th.

My fix was shipped last Thursday and I've been tracking it ever since.  Not gonna lie, I was a little worried yesterday when it was still in Memphis.  But never fear, it was waiting for me on our front porch when I got home from school today!  I was so excited and definitely felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

I tried to pair each item with a couple of different things from my closet.  A style card (similar to what you'd see on Pinterest) for each piece is included in your fix, which shows two different ways to wear that particular item.

I took Jana's advice and didn't initially look at the prices.  I wanted to keep an open mind and decide whether I truly liked each item without having a price attached to it.  I'd like to say I decided how much I was willing to spend on each item before looking at the price (also Jana's idea), but let's be honest, most of my wardrobe is from Target, Old Navy, and Forever 21.  I'm not accustomed to paying lofty prices for things and if I had done that, I would have way underestimated and everything would already be in the mail headed back. :)

Without further ado, here are the five items from my first fix!

#1: Striped Maxi Dress

I loved this dress when I pulled it out of the package.  I especially loved the back.  Then I put it on.  And I wasn't sure.  It sort of reminds me of a maternity dress and I'm not sure the horizontal stripes do anything for my already-big booty.  Furthermore, it seems to be a size too big.  Yes?  No?  I can't decide.  
Price: $58

#2: Tie-Neck Short Sleeve Blouse
It seems very plain and basic.  However, I do like how it fits.  I'm undecided on what to do with this one as it's way higher priced than what I'd normally spend.
Price: $68

#3: Detail Henley Tank
I definitely like it, but I'm not sure I love it.
Price: $54

#4: Striped Maxi Skirt
I really do like this skirt.  But it reminds me of one I already have from Target that I paid only $16.99 for.  I tried pairing it with the above tank, as suggested by my stylist, but I'm not sure about that combo.  Also not sure about the price...
Price: $68

#5: Short-Sleeve Open Front Cardigan
 Another super basic item, in my opinion, as I'm sure I could find something very similar at Target.  I never would have picked this out myself because I don't typically like these flowy cardigan-type tops, but I think I actually like this.  Definitely like the price.
Price: $28 

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed in my fix. 

1) I feel like everything is the same color (blues and white).  A little variety would be nice. 

2) I'm not sure I'm willing to spend $68 for the skirt and/or blouse when they both seem like pretty basic items.  I marked "the cheaper the better" in every category, yet I feel like they sent me some pricy items.

3) I linked my style profile to my fashion board on Pinterest, and have purposely pinned a bunch of outfits as of lately, yet I don't feel like they used my Pinterest board as inspiration.  

4) I've seen so many cute pieces in friends' and other blogger's fixes...things I like way more than what I received. :(
Verdict: I'll probably keep the white cardigan, simply because I can always find a use for a cardigan, and it's only $8 over the $20 I already paid.  Not sure about anything else.  

What do you think?

I'll also try again in another month or two.  I'll adjust a few things in my style profile and give feedback on this fix.  Here's hoping the changes better reflect my style and improve the liking of my future fixes (just not too much so I don't feel compelled to buy all five things)! 

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