Day Date & Segway Tour

Summer 2015 is officially here!  Despite the less-than-summer-like weather, I could not be more excited for the extra time at home!  Summer definitely started with a bang yesterday--the hubs and I went on a rare day date and finally cashed in on the Segway Tour Groupon I purchased back in September!  My last day of work was Wednesday, but the boys finished out the week at daycare, so we took full advantage!

We dropped off the boys at daycare around 8:45 and headed to the Segway Bike & Stroll office which is between the Plaza and Westport.  We stopped first for a coffee and scone at a local coffee shop near the Plaza and laughed about what we were about to embark on!  Craig was certain I was going to bite it...and to be honest, I didn't doubt him.  After checking in for our tour (and learning we were the only ones - not surprising), we watched a short orientation video with some general instructions to follow while on the segways.  I'm pretty sure I spaced out for most of the video, as my nerves were on high alert, and all I remember is the awful animations of people crashing to the ground.  Next, we went outside for a few more live instructions and then we each got test out the segways.  Not gonna lie, it was a tad difficult and scary for about one minute.  But after riding up and down the sidewalk, I felt pretty confident!  I was still nervous about coming to an abrupt stop if need be (like the time the car didn't yield to pedestrians and turned right smack in front of us!!), but halfway through the tour, even those fears were gone - I was going one-hand, no hands, and even taking selfies while riding!

The tour was great!  We rode through Westport, a small portion of the Plaza, and around the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.  We learned some history about this great city of ours and had a ton of fun!

Vietnam Memorial

JC Nichols Fountain on the Plaza

Nelson Atkins Art Museum


The tour lasted about two hours and afterward we enjoyed a patio lunch, including Bloody Marys, at McCoy's in Westport. 

It was the perfect day date and we had the best time!  I would highly recommend doing a segway tour at some point in your life!  We loved it and now we're going to want to ride segways through every city in America!


  1. OMGOSH!! This looks like so much fun to me!! When we were in Chicago several years ago we saw a group tour like this! Honestly I'm not sure I could ever convince Sean to do it with me. And I'm pretty sure I'd definitely be the one to wreck. Confession, I have a hard time even riding a bike. ha.

  2. That looks so fun!!! But honestly, I am TERRIFIED to try them. I just know I would totally bite the dust and crash and break my neck. Some confidence in myself, huh? LOL. But your post makes it look so fun and not so hard after all. I might have to look into this!
    So glad you guys got to have a date day! How fun!

  3. lol that is awesome. I would totally be that person that ate it on a segway though. Definitely. Looks like y'all had so much fun though. Excellent with the whole no more work still daycare bit too.

  4. This is just so stinking fun!! I want to do this now. What a fun way to kick off summertime in KC!