Stitch Fix #4

Stitch Fix #4 arrived the day before my birthday (purposeful planning on my part).  I was so excited and had a $50 gift card from Christmas just burning a hole in my pocket.  I had asked for a couple of items - a sweater with elbow patches and a longer shirt or two to wear with leggings, so I was disappointed to find nothing that quite matched what I had requested.  I threw everything back into the box and sulked for a couple of days, trying to decide what to keep so to not lose my $20.  Two days later, I decided to try on the items one final time and whatdoyaknow, I thought to myself "Okay, these aren't as bad as I initially thought!" 

As a side note, let me just apologize for the horrible photos.  It's hard to get good mirror selfies, without a flash, when it's dark outside.  And since night time was the only good time I had to try on my goodies before shipping them back, it's all I got.  One more reason spring needs to hurry...

Item #1 | Good hYOUman Romy Graphic Knit Top
A looser-fitting casual, but cute, sweatshirt-like top that reads "Sleep Less Dream More."  Not crazy about the words, but I do like the fit.  And technically, I guess it could be worn with leggings.  I'm just very self-conscious and demand longer shirts that covers my booty, so the only way I'd wear this with leggings is to wear a longer tank underneath.  I added the vest from the last fix and I thought it made for a cute pairing.

Item #2 | Mystree Skylar Asymmetrical Knit Zip Up Jacket
This actually looks cute in the picture, but let me be clear, it did not look this good in person!  I know it is supposed to be asymmetrical, but in my opinion, the asymmetrical-ness made it look sloppy, like it was made wrong.  It laid (layed?) funny and clung in all the wrong spots.  Yuck.

Item #3 | Liverpool Rizzo Skinny Pant
I'll give credit when credit is due.  This is the second pair of pants SF has sent me (not counting the horrendous boyfriend jeans last time) and the second pair of pant I kept! I'm very picky when it comes to pants because of my curvy body, so I was pleasantly surprised at how comfy and perfect these were.  They were stretchy, but not clingy.  In fact, in high school, I had a pair of stretchy black pants from Express (everyone had a pair) and these remind me a lot of those!  Except that they're skinny at the bottom.  I tried them with boots, booties, and flats and I thought they worked well with all of the above.  Bonus - these are perfect for work for those days when I just don't feel like dressing to the 9s (which is every Thursday for me).


Item #4 | Gilli Jess Basketweave Detail Jersey Maxi Dress
This dress...a navy blue, basic maxi dress.  Reminds me too much of a maternity dress I have.  And it's too plain for me to justify the SF prices.  Not to mention, I'm not exactly looking for short-sleeved maxi dresses in the dead of winter.  (Though my stylist did mention wearing leggings under a maxi dress in the winter to keep warmer, which I had never thought of!)  Please ignore our beyond-dusty mirror.  Clearly it needs to be cleaned.  How embarrassing. 

Item #5 | Honey Punch Layla Twin Stripe & Elbow Patch Cardigan
I requested a sweater with elbow patches.  I got a cotton cardigan with elbow patches.  Same thing, right?  I wasn't a fan of this cardi at first, but it grew on me.  I debated keeping this or the graphic knit top...and the graphic top won.  So this went back.  But now I'm kind of kicking myself because this is super cute in photos!

So there's my fix #4 for those interested (Jana). :)  My next one is scheduled for the week before Spring Break.  I'm sure they're wondering why I don't sign up for recurring shipments, but I'm a major control freak and like to hand-select my reception dates.  Weird, I know.

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  1. I do love the pink elbows on that cardigan!

  2. The pants are perfection! And so funny that you mention the express pants, because I totally had a pair too LOL!

    I got that same elbow patch cardigan and sent it back too. I liked it, but didn't *love* it. And that's usually my SF requirement.

    Such a bummer about the asymmetrical jacket because I really do like the look of it in the pictures!