Mother's Day Weekend 2015

Our Mother's Day weekend this year was pretty low key.  We did enjoy kolaches on Saturday morning and lunch with a Bloody Mary at a local bar and grill on Sunday, but otherwise weekend activities continued on as usual.  I suppose when you have two kids and normal weekend chores that need accomplished, there isn't much time for pampering.  Craig did surprise me with a gift card for a mani and pedi - which I will take full advantage of soon - and he also ordered me a tassel necklance, but it seems to be lost somewhere in the mail.  It's super cute though, so hopefully it arrives soon!  And in keeping with tradition in this house, he got up early both days and let me sleep in!  Thanks, honey!

The weekend weather was less than ideal.  Warm, but rainy and stormy off and on all weekend.  We got to spend some time outside, but not quite as much as I like.  Nonetheless, it was a great weekend spent with my favorite guys!  I try to never take my role as mama for granted as I know I've been blessed with a very amazing life.  Being a mom can be exhausting, it can be frustrating, and it's downright hard at times, but I love it and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Here's a little questionnaire Brantley completed at daycare.  To whoever thought up the idea to these--they are hilarious and genius!  I died laughing as I read through it.  Maybe next year, he will actually get something correct.... Or maybe not. 

And one more picture of these special kiddos whom I adore with all of my heart.

 And now begins the countdown to the last day of the school year.  6 and counting...


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Any weekend is great when we get to sleep in a little. :) Amd I really hope that beautiful necklace finds is way to your house!

    6 days....that's awesome!!

  2. Those questionnaires are so fun to read. My son didn't do one in preschool, so, we did our own at home, and it's one to save in the "baby" book, for sure.

  3. Did you pick up your kolaches from Barb's?! Those things are ah-may-zing! And, sadly, I cannot find them anywhere in L.A. Lame.
    Oh my goodness, that questionnaire, haha! Hilarious.
    Your Mother's Day sounds like it was a great one!