Tuesday Tip

Last summer, I posed a few questions in regards to responding to blog commenters.  I had noticed that when I posted comments on others' blogs, they would respond to my comment via email. Their response would pop up in my inbox and we could then email back and forth and back and forth to our little heart's desire. I wanted to be able to do that same thing with commenters on my blog, but I didn't know how!  I assumed it was something I needed to change.

Low and behold, I was wrong!  It's on your end (the commenter's), not mine!

Turns out, some commenters are "no reply" bloggers.  What does that mean?  It means there is no way to reply to a blog comment and ensure that person sees the response. Basically because your email address is not attached to your name.  So although I can reply to you within the comment section, if you don't ever go back and re-read through the comments, you'll never know. :)


When your email address is attached to your name, the blogger (me) can reply directly to the commenter (you) and it will show up in your inbox.  Cool, right?

Likewise, fellow bloggers, did you know you could simply hit reply to the comment notification email and as long as the commenter is not a "no reply" blogger, you can respond to their email address?  

Anyway, just sharing a bit of what I've learned over the past year.  I know most of this is old news to many of you, but trying to help those that may still be in the dark.


I found a couple of tutorials on other blogs showing how to change your settings so that you are not a "no reply" blogger!  It takes, like, 30 seconds to do!  Follow these links for a better explanation and to ensure you are not a "no reply" blogger.  You're welcome. ;)



  1. Seriously so frustrating! I didn't even know I was one for the longest time but I was so thankful when someone pointed it out. Gotta help each other where we can :)

  2. I had NO idea! I didn't have this checked. I have been blogging for SIX years and have had this turned off. Who knew!??!!? Thank you friend! (maybe that's why I don't have any blog friends except you...haha!)

  3. did I fix mine?! thanks for your help with this :)