Prom 2015

As promised, a few more Prom photos of me and my handsome date!

And one photo of my real date.  Erica is a teacher friend and one of my besties.  I met her in my first week of living in Kansas City almost eight years ago!!  We started at MV the same year and are just about to complete our eighth year there!  That's like seeing two full groups make their way through all four years of high school....or our own high school and college years combined!  Either way you look at it, it seems crazy to me!

Anyway, I had so much fun chaperoning and even more fun taking Party Pics!  The venue was fabulous, the decor was amazing, and the dessert bar was delish!


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  1. What a cute date!! Haha! What a fun theme. Actually, I think the prom here was something to do NY but I'm not sure exactly. I just saw some kind of city backdrop. ;)

  2. Your date was just the cutest!!
    I saw a few photos of kiddos from the MV prom - there were some pretty fab dresses.
    And oh my, that dessert bar. I'll take one of each. :)