Summer Photos - Week 1

One of my personal goals this summer is to work on my photography skills. Specifically, my goal is to take at least one photo in manual mode of each of the boys each week.  I find it the hardest to take photos of my own kids.  It's impossible to pose them (c'mon, they're 1 and 2), they don't particularly like photos, and I never want to miss those all-important moments anyway, so it's easiest to switch my camera to auto.  Especially when Craig and I are passing the camera back and forth.  But I'm not necessarily wanting to take posed photos; rather, photos of the small, everyday moments at home with my boys.  And since I'm home with them six days a week, I have no excuse not to bust out the good camera on a regular basis.  Besides, practice makes perfect and that's the whole reason behind my summer photog goal.  (The creative, eye-pleasing, non-auto photos are just the icing on the cake!)

I doubt I follow through with taking photos each week for ten weeks (yikes, only nine to go...), but I'm going to give it my best! 

Summer - Week 1

Okay, and this photo isn't particularly worthy of my favorite photo, but it does mark one of my favorite moments in week one of summer and a pretty big milestone in Holden's life.  He's finally walking.  He's taken about 12 steps on his own.  Give it two week and I think he'll be crawling no more!


  1. These are fabulous!! Love the potty pic!

  2. These photos are great!! I feel like it's hardest for mom and dad to get smiles out of kids because we're, well, mom and dad. I swear the school photographer got Mason to smile the best! Which I guess is good since I paid for those pictures lol.

  3. These are all so good! I'm terrified of manual mode, but LOVE how they turn out when others take them. If only I had the patience to just learn how to shoot that way.
    And, YAY Holden! Keep going buddy!