Mother's Day Box Swap

So remember that Mother's Day Box Swap I talked about in March?  I signed up (obviously!) and I'm so glad I did!  I was paired with a couple of pretty great partners and got some super fun surprises in the mail!

First of all, my person was Ashley at Everything's Hunky Dorey.  Ashely is a SAHM of two kiddos (one boy, one girl) in Arkansas, an ex-teacher, and a photographer wannabe!  Minus the SAHM and daughter-thing, we have a lot in common!  I had so much fun shopping for Ashley and really wanted to keep everything I bought for myself!  But low and behold, I shipped it to Arkansas and saw it pop up on my Instagram feed a few days later!  I'm so glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day surprises, Ashley!  Want to see what I got her?  Welp, you gotta go check out Ashley's blog! :)

The person that had my name, Jen, was from none other than Iowa!  Southeast Iowa, even!  She is high school teacher (librarian) and expecting her first baby in July.  Sound familiar??

I'm convinced that whoever matched partners (Elizabeth, Jenny, Courtney...)  mathced me with the best ones! :) 

Anyway, Jen doesn't have a blog, but she is an avid blog follower and she's on Instagram (@jenjoyk).  When I said earlier that I received some super fun things, I wasn't lying.  Jen really hit the nail on the head and sent me five of the perfect gifts!

First up, these sunglasses!  Never did I imagine when I signed up for this swap that I'd be paired with a fellow Iowan and receive a sweet pair of shades to cheer on my favorite team!  It makes me want to head to Iowa City and tailgate ASAP!

Next, these colored pens!  One teacher clearly knows the way to another teacher's heart. :)

Third, a coffee mug.  This is my favorite of all.  I. love. it.  Coffee just tastes better in a cute mug, am I right?

And finally, some chocolates (which, by the way, were gone in under three days...and I didn't share!) and a Starbucks giftcard.  I've definitely enjoyed a few after school frappuccinos (it's half-price week, after all) with that!

Jen, thank you so much for sending me the most perfect gifts!  It was so great to "meet" you!  Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I look forward to seeing the little babe on IG this summer!

Thanks also to Elizabeth, Jenny, and Courtney for organizing the mommy swap!  Don't forget to go check out Ashley's blog to see what I sent her!  And...

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the mamas out there!!!

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  1. Those sunnies are perfection!!! An excellent matching indeed. Plus everything else is amazing! I love those chocolates haha. Those are hard to resist every time I go to Target, glad you enjoyed your box. Happy almost Mother's Day!

  2. These ladies really did match everyone perfectly, it seems :) I love those chocolates! That mug is so cute. Happy early Mother's Day :)

  3. So glad that you enjoyed your gift -- it was so much fun to put together and send out! The exchange even motivated me to come out of my blogging break (for at least one post - hopefully more). Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. Great gifts! Colored pens are so fun, even for non-teachers ;)

  5. This is awesome! I totally should have done this- next time make sure I get on the ball!!!

  6. You got some really great things gal! I am really loving that mug! It is so cute and colorful.

  7. Those glasses are so much fun, but I just adore that mug!

  8. I loooove everything!
    This is the best swap ever!
    Honestly I think everyone thinks hey got the best partner hahaha
    We are good gift pickers!! Hahaha

  9. So many great things!! The coffee mug is awesome. Coffee DOES taste better in a cute mug.
    And the chocolates? Yes, please!!

  10. Those chocolates are THE BEST. Seriously, I wouldn't have shared either so I totally don't blame you!!! Jen totally nailed your gift! I matched the partners and by the looks of things, it looks like I (aka Rafflecopter) did a pretty great job! Those Iowa sunglasses are too cute! I'm so happy that you loved your gifts! I, too, LOVE your gifts! Haha.
    Happy early Mother's Day!!!

  11. Such great gifts! Love it.