March Photo Dump

Row 1: Finally got a handful of dirt...I've been trying for weeks | Mommy & Brantley | Handsome smile | Bath time is my favorite!
Row 2: Some new baby foods - peaches, blueberries, and asparagus | Headed back to school after a cold and snowy Spring Break | Late night trip to Buy Buy Baby | End of quarter = lots of tests to grade
Row 3: Some favorite students this year | Lunch at Firehouse | Kinnick likes motorcycles, too | Cheering on the Jags at the state touney in Topeka
Row 4: Boulevard's new Coffee Ale | The light aisle at Lowe's | Swinging on Easter | Matchy matchy math teachers

Row 1: Soccer game time | Busted out the sandals #finally | Watching the snow fall | Chubby baby feet
Row 2: Copycat Pasta da Vinci | Naptime for Daddy - Scout as a pillow & burp cloth on his head | Ahhh-mazing! | Chicken sausasge, tomato, basil pizza
Row 3: Handsome man | I broke my toe #hurtlikehell | Ornery boy | Meeting the Easter Bunny!
Row 4: Just me and a glass of wine for the Bachelor finale! | Playing with his oldest cousin, Delanie | March 24...enough said | Mama & sleepy boy

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