Mill Valley Pride

What a great year to be a Mill Valley Jaguar!  Both the girl's and boy's basketball teams made it to state this year - a first ever for the Lady Jags and I think only the second time in history for boys.  And not only that, but both teams won their first round games on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, and both play in the 5A semi-finals tonight!  The hubs and I (and the babe) are headed to Topeka to cheer on the Jaguars!

And just for fun, here's Mill Valley's very own lip dup.  The last two minutes {in the gym} are rather boring, but the first five minutes is worth watching!

Go Jags!

MVHS Lip Dub 2012-2013 from Cindy Swartz on Vimeo.


  1. I knew you lived in Kansas city & I think I had told you I was from there! but my cousin Knute is on the football team there & so is my cousin Koy!! My aunt Dava is big on participating in the sports!! I went to Desoto highschool which is 15 minutes from there :) how funny!!

    1. Wow, what a small world! I had Knute in class his sophomore year and know of Koy! And crazy that you went to DHS! Small, small world!