A Taste of Spring

Today was great.  Check that.  Glorious.  A whopping 70-ish degrees and sunny.  My last day with kids before Spring Break.  And pi day.  That's a big deal to math teachers.  The hubs even started his weekly softball games.  If that doesn't scream spring and summer, I'm not sure what does.

I also bought a new swimsuit.  Crazy how this weather encouraged such a thing!  It's always scary trying on swimsuits this time of year...the pale white skin and legs that haven't been shaved for weeks...let a lone the fact that I had a baby eight months ago.  But, I didn't even care.  I'm ready for summer and all that it entails!

Some teacher friends and I and decided to enjoy a last-minute happy hour on the patio at Barley's.  Let me just say, sitting in the sun felt amazing.  I would give just about anything for the weather to stay like this through next week.  Well really, through, oh, about November.  But I'd gladly take just a week more so that I can enjoy my Spring Break outside.  But it's not looking so good.  After tomorrow, it's back to the forties.  Booo.

We took major advantage of today's spring-like temperatures and hung out for awhile in our front yard.  Brantley loved the grass, leaves, sticks, and anything he could get his hands on!  Of course, he wanted to eat everything.  He aparently loved his first taste of spring, too! :)

(Photos taken on iPhone)


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