From 3 Bedrooms to 4!

So a month ago, our basement looked something like this...

Down the stairs
Around the corner
Another view
And then around the other corner

Well, sort of...these pics were taken two years ago after we got new carpet.  Since then, we've moved some decor, added my scrapbooking area, relocated our office to the basement, and taken down the Christmas tree. ;)  But you get the picture.

A week ago, it looked like this...

Shuffleboard table gone, sports paraphernalia down, everything covered

Covered and ready for a remodel

Monday, I came home to this...

And then Tuesday, to this....

(View from inside)

(View from inside)

Thursday to this...

(View from inside)

And now it looks like this...

(View form inside)

Actually that's still not accurate.  Now, the woodwork has been repainted white and the walls have been painted cozy cottage cream - thanks to a full day two full days of work by the hubs.

So, why the wall?

Our house was only a 3-bedroom.  And though it's bigger than the house Craig and I each grew up in, with one nursery, one guest bedroom, and the master, we were out of bedrooms and hence, out of options for when Baby #2 comes along.  (And no, Baby #2 is not in the works...yet.)  We could get rid of our guest bedroom, but since we both live away from our families, it's nice to have a place for visitors to stay.

We contemplated the option of moving.  Pretty seriously, actually.  Like spent many, many weekends driving around and checking out different neighborhoods, visited multiple open houses, purused the Reece & Nichols website daily, and even worked with a realtor about listing ours.  This year and last.  But the time just isn't right.  We know exactly what we want and where we want to be and we're willing to wait a bit longer for the perfect "forever" house.  And quite honestly, we're happy where we are.  For now.  We're in a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a pool.  And now that we have a fourth bedroom, we don't feel forced to move anytime soon.  Even when Baby #2 does come along!

And so just like that, our house went from a 3-bedroom to a 4!  We love how it turned out!  But of course, there's still plenty to do and our basement probably won't be put back together for a few more weeks.  I'll be sure to post pics once it's fully complete!


  1. Wowzas! That looks like a lot of work and looks great, you guys made quick work of that. What a great added value to your home too :)

    1. Quick work because we hired someone! :) Craig is doing the priming and painting, but he did not build the wall! And yes, it adds 10 times the value of what we paid to have the wall built, according to a realtor! Not to mention, hopefully more interest from buyers when it's time to sell!

  2. Nice!!! I love the addition - well worth it. We actually just went through this the last month of thinking if we should move or not. Like looked at houses, talked to builders, started getting ready to put our house on the market - but I just felt the same way. It wasn't the perfect time for us and we're not willing to sacrifice and not get the "perfect" house for us to stay in forever. Cheers to making our current houses work!!