February Photo Dump

I fell off the boat with Friday Photo Dump.  I never found myself in a blogging mood on Fridays and our Saturdays in February were busy.  So how about all my February Instagrams at once (and a few stragglers from January).

Row 1: This kid has his own iPad, thanks to Dad winning not one but two! | Sunday night pasta night: cajun chicken alfredo | Sparkly flats | Lovin' some cheerios
Row 2: Um, Mom, I'm stuck | Superbowl guac | Snow baby | Busted (Why does this kid love dishwashers, pantries, and refrigerators so much?)
Row 3: Kissy kissy | Instead of taking the baby outside, we brought the snow inside! | #bigtoeproblems | Sweet hubs shoveling our neighbor's driveway
Row 4: Snowman jammies on a snowday | My students crack me up | February brought this little trick | My students crack me up...again

Row 1: Out to eat in a big boy high chair | Loves to pull himself up. On anything. | Pre-shovel | Superbowl Party - these three were all born within 8 days of each other
Row 2: Cuddles with my babes | Sleepy boy | Snow days round 1 | Up super early to get myself ready, B-Man ready, dog fed, and to daycare by 7am
Row 3: Such a big boy | Valentine's cheesecake post couples' massage | Before all the snow, we did this! | ZBB with hubs
Row 4: ZBB with friends | Mmmmm... | First snowman | Yep, at one point, it was 76 degrees!

Row 1: Bounce House birthday fun | Boulevard tour between snow storms | Bathtub babe | Best part of the beer tour!
Row 2: Fave spot in the house | Snow days round 2 | Watching him snooze | Mr. Teddy
Row 3: First high school basketball game | Cutie pie | Cutie pie again | New motorcycle toy from Gramma & Papa Fritz
Row 4: The schnauz isn't too fond of the snow | Dinner on the deck (that time it was 76 degrees) | And then there were 10 inches of snow | My Gym fun with Madi

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