A Day in the Life

I saw this on Jana's blog and thought it sounded like fun to partake in the link up! And also, it will be fun to look back on these everyday details of my life in the months and years to come.

5:40AM - My alarm goes off. I quickly reach over and hit snooze, then sleep for another nine minutes. Though it seems more like two. I crawl out of bed between 5:50 and 5:55, usually after scrolling though my new emails on my phone. I brush my teeth, get in the shower, and scurry around quietly and in the dark until 6:30.

6:20/6:30AM - Brantley begins to wake up and/or the hubs' alarm goes off. When Brantley wakes first, it's usually his fussiness that wakes the hubs. Otherwise, the hubs' alarm goes off at 6:30. He gets in the shower and finally, I can turn on the lights. And tv - the news. I go downstairs, put a bottle in the bottle warmer, and turn on the Keurig. I prepare the bottle, then go back upstairs and get Brantley out of his crib. I change his diaper and get him dressed. Soon after, the hubs is out of the shower, so I hand over Brantley to the hubs to feed. I finish getting ready for school.

Fave part of my day - getting this little guy up!

6:50AM - I give my boys kisses and tell them bye. Craig always tells me to "Drive safe." It's cute. I head downstairs, make my coffee, grab some breakfast, sometimes feed the dog, sometimes make a lunch, and scurry to get out the door.

7:00AM - With coffee in hand, I'm out. I have a 15 minute drive to work, in which I always listen to Q104's morning show. I don't mind my drive to work. It's relaxing. A time to think about the day ahead.
Sometimes my morning drive is really pretty and I take pictures!

7:15/7:20AM - Arrive at school. Head inside. If there aren't students already waiting for me, they show up to my room within a few minutes. The next 30 minutes feels more like five.

Here's where I spend my days.

7:50AM - The school day begins. I spend my days teaching algebra 2, geometry, and geometry interactions. Most days, I really love what I do.

10:50AM - Plan time begins. I've become very good at managing my time wisely--grading papers, responding to emails, updating my class website, preparing for the next day, and sometimes, even catching up on blogs!

View from my desk - which is always very, very clean and organized :)

11:47AM - Time for lunch, aka socializing time with my math friends! Sometimes we talk about math, sometimes our students, and sometimes The Bachelor! I usually grab school lunch (or salad bar) because I'm too lazy to bring my own. Teachers must talk (and eat) fast because lunch is over at 12:12!

2:20PM - Seminar begins.  AKA the craziest 30 minutes of my school day.  I don't have a class because I help out in math lab.  There are four teachers in math lab.  Students can come get help as needed.  There are 1000+ students in our school.  It usually goes like this: "Mrs. Sides!", "Mrs. Sides!", "Mrs. Sides!", "I need help!", "Can you sign me in?", "Mrs. Sides!", "I didn't get this answer", "Can I make up my test?", "Mrs. Sides", "How do you do this problem?", "Mrs. Sides!", "Can you sign me out?", "Are you gonna be here after school?", "Mrs. Sides!".  It's exhausting.  Thank goodness it's the end of the school day.

2:55PM - School day is over. Again, usually there are students in my classroom getting help, checking answers, and/or making up tests. It's a nice break when I'm able to use the 30+ following minutes to work.

3:40PM - Leave school.

4:00PM - On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, I tutor students from other schools. I have three regular-basis tutoring jobs lined up - two in which I go to their house, the third is a college student that I meet at Panera. It's awesome money (hello $40/hour)!! And truly, I enjoy helping people one-on-one with their math.  (On Thursdays I usually stay at school late to catch up and get work done.)

5:00PM - Leave tutoring. Drive to Brantley's daycare way down south at 169 and 151st Street. Not a bad drive, but by this time of the day, I'm so ready to be home!

5:15PM - Pick up Brantley from daycare. Sometimes the hubs is extra nice and picks him up for me. Those days are wonderful!

5:30/5:45PM - Get home. Unload. Feed Brantley solids. (Sometimes the hubs does this.) Clean bottles. (Sometimes the hubs does this, too.) Make dinner. Watch the news (again). Eat dinner. Clean up from dinner and fill bottles for daycare the following day. (Usually the hubs does both of these.)

The rest of the evening is spent playing with Brantley, snapping photos of Brantley, laughing at Brantley, redirecting him when he gets into something he shouldn't, bathing Brantley (not as often as we should), watching t.v., {sometimes} doing school work, and browsing my favorite social media sites to catch up with the rest of the world.

Open and shut the oven door.  Repeat 25 times.

8:00ishPM - Put Brantley's jammies on him and prepare a bottle.  Feed him.  Give him kisses.  And put him to bed.  He always falls asleep, no fuss, and is out until 6:15ish the next morning.  We are very lucky in that department!

I'm usually in bed by 10:00, if not before.  That is, if I didn't first fall asleep on the couch.

And that is how I spend my weekdays.  The days may seem crazy at times, but I bet in three years we'll look back and wish our days were as laid back as these. :)

On a side note, I'm so lucky to have the especially helpful husband that I do!!  He makes life so much easier than it could be!


  1. Little mischeif maker right there :) thats so funny. I won a blog giveaway one time and the girl hand delivered the stuff to my house because she lived down the street. Its crazy how all us bloggers find some way to know each other lol! My math teacher for the last two years was mr. Spencer! Ugh mathe seriously sucked not my best subject!! I went to monticello in sixth grade but then we moved to desoto so I went to dhs and not mill valley! We have lots of family in kansas ridings, ramirez, holden, raush, mclaws, felts, the list goes on and on lol but darrel knute and koys dad is my moms brother :)

  2. My dad works at Monticello Trails middle school just right next door to you! He's a science teacher and has been there since it opened way back when...Mr. Bruns. Wonder if you know him? So funny because I didn't know you taught there.

    You are lucky with the sleeping thing!! Charlie has been pretty good, but once he goes a few awesome nights 11 or 12 hours, then something happens like getting sick or lately it's been his teeth!!

    1. So crazy! Such a small world! I don't know him by name, but would likely recognize him! He doesn't drive a truck with IOWABOY plates, does he? I always follow that guy into the parking lot. :)

  3. Hello! I'm chiming in here! How in the world do you two know each other?!? Sarah - Roger is on my team at MT! He always works the MV FB and BBall books. He is usually talking with Bogart and Wessel. And, IowaBoy is Jason Safly. Devoted fan as well! ;)

    1. Haha Megan, we really don't! I stumbled upon her blog sometime last year (when we were both pregnant) and enjoyed following her pregnancy journey! I commented on a post once and that's when she started following my blog! Random, huh? And crazy that her dad works next door! :)