Easter Weekend

We headed to Wichita to celebrate Easter with the Sides' family this year.  Since Easter fell smack dab in the middle of the March Madness tournament, we had to plan our travel to arrive to Wichita by KU's 6:37 game time.  Craig dropped me off at school and picked me up so we didn't waste any valuable time.  We were on the road headed south by 3:45.

{We made it in time, but unfortunately, KU lost a heart breaker in overtime.  Against Michigan.  The team our brother-in-law, who we'd see two days later on Easter, cheers for.  Surprisingly, the hubs handled the loss very well.  It's amazing how a baby changes things.}

We spent Saturday of Easter weekend watching Brantley's cousins' soccer games.  Carson at 9:00, Connor at noon, and Brekkyn at 2:00.  The 9am game was frigid, but by 2:00 the sun felt amaaaazing!  Brantley decided he'd eat some grass dirt weeds all of the above.  I'm not sure how or when, as no one witnessed it, but it was pretty scary to find him fussing with a mouth full.  He was lacking in the sleep department anyway, so having Mom fish out debris from his mouth put him over the edge.  Oh well.

On Saturday night, we went to friend's Darin and Libby's for the Wichita State game.  Craig is an alum, as are most of his good friends from Wichita.  It was nice to see the Shockers win, especially since the Jayhawks couldn't do the same.  It was also nice to spend time with some of our Wichita friends and their babies - Preston (11 months), Ruby (3 1/2 months), and older girls Madi and Ellie.  Seeing Brantley and Preston play together was priceless!

Sunday was the big Easter celebration.  Eight adults, eight kids, and four dogs make for a crazy-loud day.  We ate, spent some time at the park, and hunted for Easter eggs.  (Well, we didn't, but the kids did.)  The weather was perfect - sunny and 70s.  Many of us even wore shorts!

Family Easter photo

Cousins - Mason, Delanie, Kinley, Carson, Brekkyn, Brantley, Adley, & Connor

Poor Brantley missed most of the Easter fun.  He was exhausted from the weekend's earlier activities and slept for a large portion of the afternoon.  He missed his first Easter egg hunt and had no interest in his Easter presents from Grandma.  Even his time at the park (and first time swinging) later that afternoon seemed to be "just okay".  The poor kids is teething too, as evident by the drool coming from his mouth in many of the pictures. 

New bath/pool time toys

Overall, it was a good Easter Sunday and we couldn't have asked for better weather!

One last note: the Easter Bunny didn't visit this year.  Does that make us bad parents??  It's not like he'll remember it anyway.  Promise Little Man, next year, we'll get you your very own Easter basket and the Easter Bunny will fill it with goodies!  I hope you can forgive us the Easter Bunny this year! :)


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