Basement = Done!

Well that may have been the quickest home improvement project to date!  Under two weeks start to finish!  Especially considering how much was done!

Added a wall
Tacked down carpet
Repaired nail holes and nail pops
Primed new wall and new door
Repainted all woodwork (white)
Repainted all doors
Repainted all basement walls, including up the stairs
Re-hung things on walls
Hung new blinds

And considering I didn't help out one bit.  Except the shopping part.  B-Man and I took a few trips to Lowe's for paint and whatnot.  Who knew Lowe's could be so entertaining to a baby?  He especially liked the light and ceiling fan aisles!


We are so happy with how the basement turned out!  And we love that we now have a fourth bedroom - even though it's our office for now!  Here are the "finished" pictures!

Still need to frame and hang our heritage banners.

That's Bob on the right.  Bob is Craig's boxing buddy. For about two months after he bought this thing, I jumped a foot every time I went downstairs because I thought Bob was a real person. 

New blinds
I think we decided to keep our shuffleboard table.  It's in the "living room" part of our basement, which makes for a slightly cramped fit, but we're just not ready to sell it yet.

And now for the fourth bedroom/office pics...

Well, done hubby, well done.  Brantley and I appreciate all your hard work!


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  1. I'm not going to lie...I am jealous of your crafting table/shelves! We really need to finish our basement so I can finally get my craft space!