Happy Spring?!?

Did you know today is the first day of spring?  I've been on Spring Break all week, and some Spring Break it's turning out to be!  It started last Friday with temperatures near 80 degrees and now they're in the 30s with a forecast of snow.  Not once, but twice!  (Thursday and Saturday)  This is how I feel about that.


I was really hoping for warm, sunny weather so we could spend our week outside.  But apparently Mother Nature had other plans.

It figures.  This is the first time in three years we haven't gone somewhere a bit warmer.  Last year, it was San Diego, the year before, San Francisco.  (Though San Fran was cool and rainy and San Diego was actually colder than KC....last year.)

We did contemplate going somewhere this year.  First, Vegas, but ticket prices were crazy high.  Like $500+ each.  No thanks.  We also looked into going to Arizona for Royals spring training games.  But quite frankly, I got tired of researching airfare and places to stay.  Especially when we were doing so only three weeks in advance.  Now I really wish we would have followed through.  I could use some sun and vitamin D about now.

Oh well...I'm still thankful for the week off to spend with the babe.  Here's to hoping that the warmer weather will be here soon.  It has to be.  Right?

In the meantime, enjoy your first day of spring - sun or snow!


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