Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Friday!  It's hard to believe that three weeks of my summer are already in the books!  We've definitely enjoyed ourselves and I don't think there's been one day that we haven't left our house!  And lots of pool time already, too, thank goodness for amazing weather!

| one |

I know these shoes are all over Blogland, but I'm going to rave about them a little more!  We've owned a pair every summer since the summer Brantley turned one and it's safe to say my boys live in these shoes (see collage below)!  In fact, I'm probably going to cry the moment they stop making them...or we outgrow them, whichever comes first!  These "sneakers" are easy to slip on, they are rubber (easy to clean!), they can be worn without socks (a summer must in my opinion), and they go with everything.  If your child has never owned a pair, you, my friend, are missing out.  Buy a pair today and thank me later.  Note: We've only owned the Old Navy and iPlay brands, but here's a round-up of some others, as well!  I've heard great things about the Native brand!!

 Old Navy \\ iPlay \\ Natives
Toms \\  Gap \\ Crocs

| two |

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a wifi-enabled Crock Pot I had stumbled upon.  Though I didn't buy said Crockpot (and have no plans to), my husband did buy a Nest, which is probably even cooler than the Crockpot.  I don't know all of it's capabilities just yet, but I do know that I can adjust the AC from the comfort on my bed...or chair...or car miles and miles away from our house.  At first I thought it was a bit of a ridiculous purchase, but I've loved every minute since he installed it!

| three |

This swimsuit.  I wasn't even in the market for a swimsuit, but I found this at Target the other day.  I decided I really didn't need it so back to the rack it went, but if you're in the market for a one-piece, this one is super cute and flattering.

| four |

I haven't read a book in years.  But since the boys are going to daycare on Wednesdays, I finally got to crack open this book I received for Christmas.  It's the inspirational story of the life of blogger Stephanie Nielson (Nie Nie Dialogues) and her family.  As someone who blogs, I was instantly attracted to this book.  It chronicles her life as a mom, but focuses on a horrible plane crash that changed her life forever.  I'm not too far into the book, but I'm already addicted and can't wait for a few quiet moments each day to read a chapter or two!

| five |

And finally, in just four short weeks, we should know the gender of Baby Sides 3.0!  We tried to convince my doctor to sneak us in early at my appointment on Wednesday, but she said it was likely too early to confirm, so four more weeks we wait!  The appointment is scheduled for July 6, which is also Brantley's birthday.  Our current plans are to go to dinner on the 7th to celebrate our anniversary (which is the 10th) and open an envelope with the results inside during dinner!  In the meantime, I have full intentions of doing a blog post similar to this one with my thoughts and predictions.  What are YOUR thoughts??

Have a great weekend!

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  1. We've had The Nest for over a year now and it is more than just lazy-accessible (which is a perk for sure). It definitely regulates the temps more and knows when you're away so it doesn't kick on as much. Plus, you can see what your energy use is for each day. I like being able to turn it on when we're driving home from a trip and having the house the right temp by the time we get there. Definitely a great purchase!

  2. LOVE those shoes so much! And the Nest - I'm so glad to hear you like it! My mom bought us one a while back, but we have 2 ACs, so we would have had to buy another and we weren't convinced. However, my neighbor has the nest cameras and the nest and just loves all of it! I just blogged today that I think we are going to get 3 cameras for our kids rooms - so we'll likely eventually add that - so fun!

    And for the gender! Only 4 weeks!! So for some reason I'm thinking another boy for you - I'm not sure why but it feels like this is the year of boys! I cannot wait to find out friend!

  3. We love the Old Navy shoes here, too! I remember when Stephanie was on Oprah all those years ago!

    I'm going Blue! Have a great weekend!

  4. I kinda need a bathing suit but I like the tankini type tops. I've heard a ton about that book! Happy weekend!

  5. We LOVE Native!!! Charli has had a couple pairs so far and Crew has gotten a pair of her hand me downs! Haha (poor second child). Guess I should buy him his own! Haha.

  6. Ohhhh how we love our natives!! That is all my kids wear in summer. I am totally checking out that book! I can't wait to hear what baby 3.0 is! How exciting!

  7. I am going pink just because your pregnancy has been so different. So excited for you! :)

  8. I'm going to just guess PINK because I feel like the odds are good after having two cute boys that you might have a girl this time? Either way I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to find out! Happy almost 7th anniversary!

  9. My husband wants a nest so bad!!!! We did just buy a Rachio Sprinkler Controller which is the exact same concept, except for sprinklers obviously. And I think girl! But perhaps that's just because I believe every mama with two boys deserves a girl! ;-)

  10. That suit is adorable & I must learn more about this WiFi crock-pot you speak of. That sounds like something I could get on board with! Ha!

  11. We LOVE our Natives but I also got Mason some Old Navy ones, after your recommendation, that are just slightly too big but I'm excited for him to wear them! He LOVES his Natives and chooses them 9 times out of 10 over any other shoe.
    That Nest looks SO COOL! I might have to add that to Seth's Christmas list!
    Also, I'm gonna have to go with boy!

  12. My husband totally wants a nest!! Natives are so great. We just got our boys pairs this year and I'm in love! I used to be a KEEN lover, but these are so easy to get on and off! Being a mom of three boys, I predict boy! Have a great weekend!


  13. Let me tell you a bizarre story about a pair of pink Natives that Kinsey loved. Which we lost one side at Costco. And the kicker is when I called to retieve it, I was told an employee took it home. What are they doing with just ONE shoe?! 🙄 Sigh. Only 4 more weeks! Ill go with girl.

  14. We LOVE the Old Navy brand so much! Cam has 3 pairs and they are easy for him to slip on and he is comfortable. They make girl ones too but I haven't been able to find them yet. I want to read that book now that you recommended it I hadn't heard of t but I love her. In a guess girl just because it's so fun to have a girl. :) and how cute would your boys be as big bros to a girl?

  15. I can't wait to hear if you're having a boy or a girl! I'm guessing girl. I hate that you have to wait so long!

  16. Yes to those shoes! Children’s Place has some similar ones and we have bought them every summer since Mason was 2. They are perfect! I remember stumbling upon Stephanie’s blog years ago! She has an amazing story. I need to grab this book. I can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or girl! Eeek, so exciting. How soon will you post the gender? We leave for vacation on the 7th and don’t come back until the 18th. I will be stalking your accounts while I’m gone. Haha! I don’t want to miss it.