Brantley's 4th Birthday Wishlist

You firstborn turns 4 in eight days!!  It makes me a little sad because my favorite age range has always been 1 to 3, but he's been acting like such a big kid lately and I'm excited to see where this next stage of life takes us!!  The toddler days are over, that's for sure, and I think this wishlist is a true testament to that!!

Chiefs Cap - His non-toddler head has outgrown all of his toddler-sized caps and he's in need of a new Chiefs, Hawkeye, and Jayhawk hat.

V-Tech Kidizoom Camera - With a mama who always has a camera in his face, I bet Brantley would love one of his own!

View Master - These things have been around since I was a kid, so surely they are great toys!

Little Tikes Grip and Roll Balls - Give the kid a ball and he's happy.  Despite the 582 balls we already have at home, I know these would be a hit!

Critter Cage - Every boy needs one, right?  I can already see this thing full of lightning bugs during our next backyard camping experience.

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad - The kid loves stickers.  Maybe this notebook would encourage him to stick them places other than his arms.

Toy Bowling Set - Brantley's been obsessed with bowling since our first trip to the bowling alley over a year ago.  He always asks to go back, and at home, he always asks for plastic cups to use as his bowling pins.  Perhaps this would be a better option so we don't constantly have to run eight cups through the dishwasher.

Fisher Price Super Sounds Soccer Goal - He got one of these for his first birthday three years ago, but it's been played with so much that the net is ripped.  I know with another boy on the way, we'll get good use out of a second!!  (Which will also probably need replaced at some point!)

Hasbro Pie Face Game - I've heard so much about this game and being a big game person myself, I think it's only necessary we buy one for ourselves!


  1. A view master! I need one of those for my kiddos! And I've been meaning to get the Pie Face game, maybe for Brayden's 6th, which is coming up soon! And I hear ya, 1-3 are great ages, but there's something about school age that I really love (even though I wouldn't ever have thought that!)

  2. Our oldests need to slow it the heck down. Cam turns 4 in 20 days and I'm a bit in denial. How is it possible? I love the camera. I need to pin Cam down on a few extra things he wants because he only says one thing. Ha ha!

  3. That camera is such a good idea! I may get one for Sadie. Whenever I take out my camera to take pictures she always asks to take a picture too. I let her but I am so leary as its an expensive camera!! We got Pie Face - its a lot of fun but the first time Sadie got hit she hated it after haha. She won't play again.

  4. We have those balls and they're great! So many things here I know my boys would love!

  5. We played the pie ace game at work a few months ago and people donated money to do it to the bosses. It was a riot!!
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  6. My niece got the pie face game and it's so much fun! Just make sure you always have whip cream on hand for when they want to play lol.
    I think we need to get Mason one of those soccer nets! I need to do a round up for his birthday too :)

  7. What a great list! Mason had a camera similar to that and had so much fun with it. And it’s durable for the clumsiest of kids. Pie Face is so much fun. Mason got it for Christmas and we took it with us on our camping trip and even played it in the camper. We laughed until our sides hurt. And, it’s actually not as messy as it seems. I hope he gets all that he wishes for.

  8. You can never go wrong with Melissa and Doug products! What a fun list. I bet Brantley is going to have a great birthday!

  9. hahaha the pie face, yes! I need one for Aria too. It looked like so much fun when everybody and their brother got one last Christmas.
    And the camera is a great idea. Aria loves hers. Hers is the same brand too.

  10. No joke, I just order a very similar sticker pad for Connor. I got the town themed one. He loves stickers. This list gives me food for thought for C since he turns 4 in 3 months... umm.. what?!

  11. Great choices! That pie face game is so much fun!