30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge \ The First 15

I mentioned before that I had signed up to participate in a 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge hosted by fellow KC blogger and photographer, Megan Peters of Crazy Bananas.  The challenge spans the month of June and each day suggests a different theme.  Though a fancy (DSLR) camera wasn't required to join the challenge, as someone always striving to improve my manual photog skills, I knew that's the route I wanted to take it.  All but one of these photos (can you guess which one??) were taken on my camera using my 50/1.8 lens, transferred via my wireless SD card, and edited using only the Color Story app on my phone.  Some of my photos have been well thought out, based on the daily theme.  Yet, because my camera is constantly near me, some of them are candid shots I later realize will work perfectly for an upcoming theme.  Another goal of mine has been to not use a photo "from my archives", but rather take all of these photos throughout the month of June, and so far, that mission has been accomplished.  I have truly enjoyed this little challenge and I look forward to the second half.  In the meantime, here are my first half photos!

day 1 // good morning   

day 2 // jump 

day 3 // cold treat 

day 4 // from where I sit

day 5 // light

day 6 // filthy

day 7 // reading

day 8 // silhouette

day 9 // run

day 10 // picnic

day 11 // black and white

day 12 // barefoot
day 13 // grass

day 14 // naptime

day 15 // friendship

Which shots are your favorite??


  1. Sarah, all of your photos are just stunning! I'm loving your perspective on so many of these shots! If I had to choose a favorite, I'd pick the naptime picture. :) Looking forward to the rest of the month!

  2. So sweet! And I'm completely impressed at how you've taken all of these in the past 15 days. Such great pictures!

  3. Love seeing these all in one spot! I've been doing the challenge too. At this point I'm taking photos I took on my trip and applying them to the theme...eventually I'll take more I'm sure! But they've all been taken in June anyway!

  4. Love, love, love your photos, Sarah! Are you sure you're a teacher and not a photographer? You should do a post with your photography tips! I'd love to learn from you!

  5. These are great!! What a fun challenge. I like the bare toes, and napping, but not much beats cute pics of brothers together!! :)

  6. These are AMAZING. You are so talented with a camera!!!
    If I were to guess, I think the milkshake sharing one is taken with your phone :)

  7. Amazing shots! You are rockin with that camera lady! I have no clue which of these wasn't taken with your dslr! They're all wonderful!! I love the Popsicle photo and how his glasses aren't over his little ear!!

  8. haha what is that a milkshake? Love it! These are all beautiful, and I dig that you went back of the van picnicing. Why sit on the dirt =)

  9. I have loved every single one of your pictures!! I think I've only used my DSLR for one...and you can definitely tell! Eeek.

  10. PS - I need to know how you use the Color Story app!! I've tried it so many times and feel like it only works on photos taken in full sunlight. But your photos look great and now I need to know your secrets! :)

  11. These are so lovely, Sarah! Definitely invoke summer vibes and lazy afternoons.

  12. What amazing photos to showcase your Summer. Love each of them but naptime is my favorite.

  13. I am loving all of your photos. You have pretty great subjects though. :) can't wait to see what else you do. Great job lady!