4 Months Pregnant with 3.0

I can hardly believe how quickly this past month has gone.  Summer is going far too fast, but at least I have a maternity leave and baby to look forward to during this coming school year!  This month was full of ups and downs.  The Down Syndrome scare, obviously, but finding out we will be welcoming our third baby boy really helps me visualize life with three kids, so that was a definite up.  We are still nervously awaiting the results from the non-invasive blood test.  Though I'm feeling a million times better about the situation, the genetics counselor warned us that the markers of DS show up on sonograms only about 50% of the time.  Still, hearing the doctor say, "If it was my baby, I would not be worried" was huge.  In other news, this month I learned that a few friends will be welcoming additional babies, as well, and that is very exciting to me!  Yay for more 2016/17 babies!

On a related note, I'm getting nervous to bring home our third baby!  I've come to realize that I'm far more of a toddler person than a baby person.  I love the stage we are in now (with a 2- and almost 4-year old), and the thought of having to start over is daunting.  Overnight feedings, pumping, washing bottles, eating round the clock, 2-a-day naps, not leaving the house without an entire closet in tow...it's all so terrifying to me!  I'm already feeling sad about next summer when Brantley and Holden's fun with be semi-run by a baby's schedule, although at least by then Baby Boy will be 6+ months old.  Again, I want to appreciate the little things and not wish away Baby's first year of life, but seriously that 1 to 3 age is my favorite by far!!


How Far Along: 4 months (18 weeks and 3 days)

Size of Baby: The size of a sweet potato.

Milestone: The 20-week (okay 17-week) anatomy scan.

Gender: Third baby BOY!

Weight Gain: About 15 pounds.  Haven't stepped on the scale since my appointment last Monday and I hadn't gained since the Wednesday 12 days earlier.  I did a small happy dance inside.

Food Cravings: No specific cravings.

Food Aversions: No aversions either.

Movement: I still don't feel anything on the regular, but I have felt a few subtle movements that, having felt it before, I know is the baby.

Sleep: I am no longer able to sleep comfortably on my stomach so I busted out the Snoogle.  Speaking of, have you seen the new and improved version?  If only this wasn't my final pregnancy and I could justify buying one, I would in a heartbeat.  My old version is helping me sleep, but I had to ask the hubby to bring our portable AC to our bedroom to deal with this excess heat.

Clothing: Still my regular wardrobe but I fear I won't be in my regular shorts (the ones with buttons anyway) for much longer!  They are getting tighter and less comfortable.  Still rocking the two-piece but I don't feel like I look obviously pregnant, so I'm definitely more self conscious about it.  I have worn a few maternity pieces, but only because I want to.  In all seriousness, I probably look a little ridiculous without the belly to fill them.

Other Pregnancy Symptoms: Lack of energy (these hot summer days are killing me), feeling full no matter how much I eat, and feeling like I'm wearing 15+ extra pounds.  Oh wait, I am.

What I Miss: I will always miss the frosty beers and glasses of wine.  But I have started drinking NA bloody marys and they are far more delish than I ever could have imagined.

Best Moment: Learning our DS risks were cut in half, followed closely by learning the gender.

Looking Forward To: Watching the bump grow--except I forgot the lack of comfort that comes with that!!!  But....like I said before, I definitely want to enjoy this pregnancy seeing that it's my last!!

Here are my bump photos from the past month!  Follow me on Instagram (@sarahbsides) for a weekly glimpse!


  1. Girl you are one hot momma! The photos of you with your baby bump are just adorable. I'm so happy that things are going to great and still have my fingers crossed your test comes back positive. :)

  2. You are looking so good!! But I know how it is to be pregnant during summer :( When I was pregnant with #3 I also started drinking virgin bloody marys, they were my favorite!!

  3. I think you'll appreciate the early stage, even though it's tough, because it's likely your last one (you said that before, right? Maybe I made that up). No matter what, it will be a special time welcoming a new little guy into your family!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one worried about going back to two naps! Abbie's so used to us just doing whatever we want on the weekends, and this is going to be a change for her!

    Also, the portable AC - do those work well? We live in a townhouse so the top floor (with our bedrooms, naturally) is always about 6 degrees warmer than the middle floor, and I've been considering getting one. We already have central AC but what ends up happening is so much of that gets trapped in the basement. Anyway, any thoughts on that? I so would love it to be cooler in our bedroom!

  5. You look so great! Props for still fitting into buttoning pants!

  6. I'm here to tell you... buy the new and improved snoogle. I saw that version too half way thru my pregnancy and thought it wasn't worth buying it at that point but by month 8/9, I was majorly regretting not having it for that last half. You won't regret buying it this far into your pregnancy! BTW, you are looking great! And I'm with you... I'm more of a toddler person than an newborn person, I love the age Annie is in now but those newborn snuggles are definitely the best and makes the newborn phase all worth it again!

  7. I too like the toddler stage, they are SO much fun at that age & you can actually talk with them a lil bit. My favorite stage is from about six months to six years. :)

  8. When my 2nd was born, my first was 2, and I was able to still take her a lot of places and have a good summer with her due to baby wearing! It really helped.

  9. You look so amazing and glowing!! So excited to read all about your baby plans 😀

  10. You're so cute!! Look at your little bump :)
    I have to say that I agree with you. Every time I see someone with a baby, I think aww! But then I remember the baby stage and how they are positives and negatives to that and I remember how much I like sleeping :) So needless to say, no announcement here any time soon! BUT having said that, I do love babies and am so excited for you guys!
    Oh and I also remember the no matter how much I ate, I felt full. That made me SO MAD. I was so looking forward to eating dessert every night with no guilt and I was always so full, I almost never did!

  11. You look amazing, Sarah! So glad there has been an abundance of good news surrounding baby Boy! I gotta ask, any names on the table? ;)

  12. You look beautiful! XOXO I can't wait to hear the name!

  13. Goodness, you are adorable! You need to get yourself a "boymom" tee. There are so many cute options available, I have yet to purchase one myself. I'm curious, too, any names being tossed around?

  14. You are still awfully tiny! You look like you are going to be all belly.

  15. This summer is trucking right along! And I can’t believe you are already 4 months pregnant. I’m still praying for you guys and know that Baby Sides 3.0 is going to be just perfect!! I’m so glad your Doctor gave you that reassurance. It’s so great to hear something like that from the ones that we trust most when it comes to things like this! The newborn stage is daunting, but that will all fade the minute you hold that sweet baby in your arms! Love the weekly photos! You are adorable and pregnancy looks so great on you, friend.

  16. You look great and it seriously is FLYING! I know my second pregnancy did that so I can only imagine the third!

  17. I'm having a hard time finding that delicate line between eating too much and not enough. I'll eat too much and feel terrible, and then I'll wait too long between meals/snacks and feel terrible.
    I can't stand my regular pants, anything tight around my belly button is so uncomfortable. I've been wearing maternity bottoms for weeks now! Unless they are stretchy =) It was the same with Aria. It baffles me how anybody can squeeze into shorts and pants and not feel rotten. Although keeping up paneled bottoms is interesting...
    I love your bumps shots!! Can't believe how fast it is going.

  18. Gosh if you aren't the cutest pregnant girl I know!! I am the same way about being a toddler mom. I don't love the newborn stage..but it's so short lived. Now that Graham is 8 months old he's so much easier. He's predictable and I don't feel like I have to take everything with me when we leave. Although I didn't do that with him much from the start. I was lucky if I remembered a diaper and bottle hahah. I keep telling myself if we have a third I need to remmwber.. Get to the six month mark and life gets I Infanitely better!! So excited for you!