Old Wive's Tales

So I had this post in the works and planned to publish it after hearing Baby's heartbeat at our appointment yesterday.  Believe it or not, we have yet to hear this baby's heartbeat on the doppler!  Eight weeks was too early, twelve was when HE decided to hide and demanded a sono instead, and sixteen...well, surprise(!), we got a {gender revealing} sono* instead! 

Friends and family seem shocked that it's a BOY!  The general consensus (from both moms, multiple friends, co-workers, even my hair stylist) was that Baby #2 was a GIRL.  I think the only person that correctly predicted this baby's sex was my dad.  Good day, Dad!

So, anyway, now that we know Baby #2 is a BOY, here's what the old-wives tales predicted. :)

*Lucky us, we've gotten a sonogram at every appointment thus far, plus the sonogram at that screening appointment!  What ever am I going to do when we stop getting to see our baby on a regular basis??

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